VENICE, CA – July 6 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Java Juice(R) liquid coffee extract exemplifies green business practice, while honoring the higher authority of the laws of Kashruth. Contemporary cuisine meets Jewish Tradition in

The packets yield servings of 8-12 oz. cups of coffee, depending on personal taste. Java Juice(R) takes kosher coffee to new levels of culinary creativity. The pure liquid concentrate is made from 100% premium, organic coffee beans and triple-filtered water. Use Java Juice(R) in home cooking, camping, and to make weak brew go bionic. *(Photo Caption: Deserts made with JavaJuice.)

Organic and kosher foods have much in common. Both designations focus on the methods used in production, yielding a higher quality end product. Neither term admits to a blanket definition. Organic farmers disagree about particular farming methods and rabbis disagree about whether particular foods are kosher. While the fine points may be argued, culture and Cause-driven products are good business. Distributors need no coaching about the business potential of kosher products.

Both terms, kosher and organic, mean different things to different people. Both are certified through labeling symbols to insure the legitimacy of the product. The ethical and purity standards required to participate in the kosher marketplace have served as a model for the organic food movement.

Java Juice(R) is red hot because of its green ethos. Embraced by outdoor adventurers at the cult brand expanded into kosher markets through the same combination of sustainability and purity. “Delicious tasting coffee for travel convenience, ” said Rabbi Newman of KSA Kosher.

Jewish homes consider Java Juice(R) Shomer Shabbos. ” Use it with water pre- heated before sundown. Don’t stay home without it!” said Cindy Stern, ballebustah of Chicago Illinois.

Java Juice(R) guarantees a full year shelf life without additives preservatives or stabilizers. The specially designed, barrier packets eliminate light and oxygen, which can degrade coffee taste.

*(Photo Caption: “With the caffeine equivalent to a double-shot of espresso, it puts the REV in Revolutionary,” said Mary Sweeny at Living-Kosher.)

Refrigerated, quart-sized glass bottles are the company’s next offering. “We are working furiously to meet the demand for Jewish High Holidays, but not on Saturday,” quipped Java Juice(R) creator and coffee expert Richard Karno.


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