AUSTIN, TX – July 11 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — deverus and National Background Data announce coming together to form the deverus Instant Advantage(TM), a program of instant database information and processes that will allow deverus clients the power, flexibility and focus to meet their customer’s needs and drive their bottom line profits. The deverus Instant Advantage(TM) brings together business expertise, technology capabilities, market leverage, a strategic focus, and a team of dedicated individuals to take instant search data and system functionality to the next level.

Highlights of the deverus Instant Advantage(TM) service include:

    Development of new system processes to support the increased sales and effective use of instant searches

    Intelli-search feature that allows for known name substitutions such as Charlie for Charles and Jack for John. It also searches for phonetic substitutions such as Marc for Mark.

    Send the instant searches with records to Quality Assurance

    Batch name processing via the instants from a file import (coming soon)

    Periodic re-screening of employees on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis (coming soon)

    Progressive screening supported by instants to give you a competitive tool to win new business (coming soon)

    Suggested up-sells in the ordering process at the confirm screening if an instant has not been ordered (coming soon)

    An expert team focused and dedicated to meeting your business, data and technology needs to help you win clients

    A pricing relationship that will allow you to offer more service and realize higher profits

    Sales and marketing support to help you sell more instants to your existing customer base, get a strategic advantage with your prospects, as well as even have qualified leads delivered to you

    An on-going commitment to leadership and innovation to the instant searches which will continue to grow in importance

To help realize the vision of the deverus Instant Advantage and capture the big opportunity this represents for its clients, deverus discovered that they needed to find a database company that held their client’s best interest foremost while at the same time offering the best technology, instant capabilities, and market experience.

After discussing this program with several companies, one company clearly stood out with the resources and dedication to help deverus clients win. The team at National Background Data has proven to be a key asset, with advantages such as:

    Focus – NBD is 100% wholesale; they do not sell to the end-user and they are not in competition.

    Sales Training Support – NBD will support deverus in specialized seminars.

    Lead Generation – NBD exhibits at major conferences throughout the year and since they don’t sell the data directly, NDB drives business to CRA’s.

    Experience – NBD has amassed the largest privately held criminal database of its kind and backs up their data with support.

    Commitment – NBD saw the opportunity to meet the needs of our clients and quickly put the time, effort and talents in place to make it happen

    Innovation – As deverus and deverus clients develop new ways to use the instant searches to meet client needs, NDB will actively work to support those projects.

“The deverus Instant Advantage and partnership with National Background Data are key strategic decisions we’ve made to support our clients’ business and help them win customers. We’re dedicated helping them diversify their offerings, compete in a growing marketplace and to driving their growth with the instant searches,” said Todd Salmi, deverus VP of Client Growth.

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