LOS ANGELES, CA – July 14 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Figurative artist, Jose Angel Hernandez, will be displaying a collection of provocative portrait paintings at a group show to be held at the Infusion Gallery in downtown Los Angeles from August 1st to the 25th.

“The desire to create art,” Hernandez said, “resulted from an urge to do something for myself. I have worked for corporate America all of my life and have always successfully accomplished objectives for others.”

*(Photo Caption: Oil on Canvas, ‘Impossible Love III.’ Copr. (c) Jose Angel Hernandez.)

At the onset of the 21st century, Hernandez reflected on his accomplishments and decided it was time to make a mark; during this time of introspection, he decided to take up painting. His drive to communicate social messages through art was at the core of his decision.

Hernandez, with no formal training, started to participate in local art workshops, purchased art books, and then went on to study art at the UCLA Extension program and the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. Today, he has over 150 art books in his private collection.

“Some people have mid-life crises; art has become my mid-life journey,” Hernandez explained.

As an artist, Hernandez finds the most satisfaction in creating figurative art. He believes that people are the most complex beings in the world and his desire to express that beauty and complexity shines through in his compositions.

There are three series that will be on display: “Dreams in a Bottle,” “Impossible Love,” and “Escapulario.”

Each series delivers a different message. “Dreams in a Bottle” addresses hidden hopes and desires; “Impossible Love” explores barriers that make love challenging; and the “Escapulario” series delves into the intimacy of faith.

Hernandez’s work has been dubbed “Expression Figurative” by the owners of Infusion Gallery.

“The gallery founders have also pointed out that it is the message behind my work that has the most impact,” Hernandez said. “For example, Impossible Love III delivers a message about race and society and the barriers that have been imposed upon it.”

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Northeastern United States, Hernandez has always had an interest in art. As a child, he spent time drawing pictures of his family; it was not until midlife that he developed a true passion.

Hernandez is thrilled to be able to share his passion with the rest of the art world; the group show at the Infusion Gallery is providing him with the platform to be on public display.

Infusion Gallery is Los Angeles’ largest, private art gallery with over 8,000 square feet of exhibition space located in the heart of downtown’s “Gallery Row” at 828 South Main Street. For more information about the gallery and upcoming shows, visit http://www.infusiongallery.com.

To preview Hernandez’s works, visit www.wordsandcolors.com.

News issued by: Jose Angel Hernandez

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