LAS VEGAS, NV – July 19 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Anthony Levensalor, original founder and creator of liberal hotspot “Watching The Watchers” has launched, a new discussion forum-based site, complete with blogs, contests for products and services, and community involvement.

There’s just one catch: You have to be a Liberal. Conservative and GOP hardliners will be turned away, and the forum provides a link on each post to report it to administrators for action.

“It’s not about exclusion, necessarily,” Levensalor said. “It’s about bringing together a community of people in the country, the majority of which are liberal.”

Who decides who’s a Liberal and who isn’t? The community. Posts are sent to the administrators of the site for review if someone thinks they’re stirring up trouble. If the administrators think the post is a problem, they’ll send a message to the poster and delete the post. Too many warnings, and you get “banned” from the site, meaning you can’t post messages on the forum. is also beginning a contest system to recruit more members. They’re giving away three DVDs of the user’s choice in the first round. Levensalor explains: “The contests are to add a little something special to the site, to allow our members to do fun things that enhance the community and, at the same time win something for their time. It’s a give-something-back model.”

Why another forum? Aren’t there a ton of political discussion forums out there?

“There is no shortage on the web of discussion forums, that’s absolutely true,” says Levensalor. “What we’re providing is a progressive, liberal format without the distraction of trolls. Liberals and progressives who want a decent conversation and debate without the nastiness can find a home here.”

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