CHICAGO, IL – July 27 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — At a time when over 48,000 people a year are clearing their desks and leaving the mortgage industry, and even established firms are closing their doors for good, maverick Illinois mortgage broker, Scott Tucker, is bucking the trend, recently proving his point by selling out his 50-seat “Mastermind Summit” at $2,997 a seat using the same direct emotional response marketing he uses to attract highly-qualified and non-fee-resistant borrowers to his brokerage. The purpose of the Summit is to give Tucker the opportunity to pass his business-building and money-making methods on to other mortgage brokers and loan officers.

At the highly secretive and exclusive Summit, Tucker will reveal:

1. How to get your website to deliver completed loan applications that only you receive. They’re converted for less than $9.35 apiece, in an automated process that’s running 4 hours a day, seven days a week. Tucker’s own website,, converts 32.03% of online visitors to completed loan applications.

2. How Tucker and his coaching Members get FREE, highly-qualified leads from a national association.

3. How using simple testimonials from existing clients DOUBLES the response rates and “ROI’s” of any mailing.

4. The importance of delegating grunt work, and automating everything. He’ll be talking about 2 different “answering services” he recommends to take 20-question loan applications over 800-numbers, with Members having their own dedicated number. Says Tucker: “I’ve got one coaching Member in Maryland working 5 hours a week, delegating everything, using this answering service, and doing over $80,000.00 in fees every month! He talks to borrowers only once, after getting the faxed or e-mailed loan application. Then he actually sees them only at the closing!”

5. His flagship display advertisement that consistently pulls as much as 52-times ad cost. Tucker says, “there truly are riches in niches, and this ad targets an exceptionally good one!”

6. His many direct mail pieces, including one that pulls a remarkable 40-times mailing cost. Tucker says although seemingly simple, this piece works only because of more than a dozen vital elements that must all be executed in exactly the right way. He’ll be teaching just how he does this at his Summit.

Attendees at previous Summits say their incomes skyrocketed almost immediately when they got back to their Areas and began to put Tucker’s methods into practice.

Scott Tucker is a mortgage broker, loan officer, and the No.1 educator in direct marketing for subprime mortgage loan officers in the country.

To learn more about Scott and his mortgage and coaching operation go to

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