NEW YORK, NY – July 27 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Mortgage brokers now have free access to dCifer(TM), a new web-based marketplace that connects mortgage brokers with lenders, vendors and customers. dCifer also offers its members FREE consumer leads through its dCifer Retail initiatives with companies throughout the US.

dCifer(TM) was created by Basis Point Software, a technology provider founded by several mortgage industry veterans who saw the need for a central marketplace for mortgage brokers to better compete with larger lenders. Basis Point’s partners include Augmentum and The Schubert Group.

Using the dCifer(TM) online marketplace, specially qualified brokers can access loan options for mortgage candidates by entering their financial information. The information appears in the marketplace confidentially, and customer names are not revealed to loan providers. dCifer(TM) then matches the individual with a series of appropriate and available loans, thereby reducing lengthy negotiations between brokers and institutional lenders.

The sophisticated system incorporates artificial intelligence, empowering even inexperienced originators with the ability to answer advanced point of sale questions from a borrower.

“Mortgage origination is a complicated business. It takes months to properly train a loan originator to be able to identify and communicate the proper information to a prospect. In addition, how can one originator remember thousands of programs from one lender, never mind multiple lenders,” said Stacy James, Executive Vice President of Basis Point.

“The marketplace is stacked against the smaller mortgage company that cannot field trainers and spend thousands on technology. As interest rates rise, this will get worse. dCifer(TM) solves that. dCifer(TM) 1.0 is completely free for mortgage originators who sign up now. We also offer FREE consumer leads to our members. With our partners and their resources, we are building a community unlike any other. In the last three weeks we had over a thousand originators sign up. There is a big need for this system and its use will only make the small companies stronger!” added Ms. James.

The technology also significantly improves interaction and real-time access to data, effectively saving time and money. For qualified mortgage brokers, the software presents a cost-free opportunity to share industry best practices and cut time and labor expenses while significantly increasing the accuracy and quality of financial transactions.

Mortgage brokers must be specially qualified to use the dCifer(TM) mortgage marketplace. Basis Point will be emailing invitations to prescreened and referred mortgage companies during the month of August. Additionally, mortgage brokers who satisfy basic, yet important requirements related to licensing and fraud can submit a request for membership at

About Basis Point Software

Basis Point Software, LLC is comprised of technologists and banking individuals with the core goal of providing technology to the marketplace that levels the playing field. Additionally, Basis Point utilizes technology partners, such as Augmentum, Inc. to provide the industry with inexpensive, intuitive solutions. Visit Basis Point at or

About Augmentum

Augmentum, Inc. ( provides value-added software development services to companies worldwide. A valued partner who utilizes leading edge development tools and technologies, Augmentum extends the Basis Point Software services. Augmentum helps Basis Point Software to offer the best in technology to our mortgage clients.

About The Schubert Group

The Schubert Group ( is a global management firm, whose focus is on helping business partners and clients in their execution of strategic corporate goals and initiatives to increase value and maximize growth, thereby bettering their respective communities.

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