AUSTIN, TX – Aug. 11 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — deverus ( clients continue to experience growth beyond industry expectations. In 2006 deverus introduced the deverus Client Growth Index which showed deverus clients had grown 41.63% in 2005. This growth has continued to increase over the first 2 quarters of 2006.

Background Check Industry analyst KPMG’s annual survey showed that over 50% of the Industry expected to grow 25% or less over 2006. So, in 2006 deverus decided to see how their clients ranked against that projection. Since the initial deverus Client Growth Index came out it has continued to increase the gap between deverus clients and the rest of the industry. At 41.63% in the beginning of 2006, the dCGI saw an increase to 47.67% in the second quarter of 2006.

What is inducing such a high growth rate?

    Investing in the right tools and services – The top deverus clients understand that in order to grow they will need to invest in expanding their offerings to meet the needs of new and existing clients. deverus technology and services are dynamic and can be focused in any direction a client needs.

    Utilization of the deverus team’s expertise – deverus services are consultative and diverse. deverus offers years of experience in the Background Check industry and wants to share their knowledge with their clients.

    Willingness to think outside of the box – The deverus team participates in the leading industry associations and are industry trend setting leaders. The deverus team brings innovative ideas to the table and many deverus clients work with deverus in developing the right tools for the right job.

    Drive to win new business – Top performers always want to win new business and deverus pushes their clients to always be top performers by offering tools with which they can better understand their own business.

    Planning ahead – deverus works with their clients on setting goals and finding ways to achieve them in weekly, monthly and yearly planning sessions.

If the deverus Client Growth Index is a tool for measuring success, then it goes with out saying that deverus clients are the industry leaders.

“We’ve known for a long time that our top customers are winning new clients and growing dramatically. It’s good to finally have a metric that proves it. That said, I would really like to congratulate our customers whose hard work and investment in technology and belief in deverus is paying off in a big way,” said Shawn Rucks, CEO.


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