BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Aug. 17 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Joel L. Becker, Director of Cognitive Behavior Associates ( and Assistant Clinical Professor at the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, has announced the inauguration of a new interactive sleep program. Consumers and physicians are both concerned about the side effects of sleep medications and patient’s growing dependence on them. Aggressive marketing by the drug companies for sleep medications led to Dr. Becker’s decision to present an alternative to the patient that has better results and no side effects.

“Soundly Sleeping” is a brief six session program that teaches clients tools to help them get improvement in their sleep. The program is based on similar interventions that have been shown to improve 100% of participant’s sleep, in which 91% of participants reduced their use of sleeping medication and 40% stopped taking sleeping medication entirely.

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“Soundly Sleeping” is a Cognitive Behavioral program. It is similar to a program that was first researched at the Massachusetts General Hospital. In a study of that program, reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine, they recommended Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as the first line intervention for chronic insomnia. They reported that “CBT is more effective than pharmacotherapy alone or a placebo.” CBT, which has emerged over the last 40 years as one of the most effective treatments for a variety of disorders, is an approach that focuses on the thoughts and behaviors of the patient in the present.

“Soundly Sleeping” has three key components. The first focuses on educating the patient about important elements of sleep like circadian rhythms and the effects of stimulants. The second component evaluates the patient’s ways of thinking about sleep as helpful or unhelpful. For example, a person who is rigid about how much sleep they must get can replace that thought with another more flexible thought, which will keep their anxiety lower. Finally, the third component addresses behaviors that influence sleep, for example the roles of napping, sleep schedules and exercise. By the end of the program clients are able to use theses tools combined together with more general methods like relaxation and meditation techniques to improve their sleep.

This easy to learn program has been applied to a wide range of sleeping problems. Patients from diverse backgrounds report that they are able to take this knowledge and the skills taught and implement them immediately. Cognitive Behavior Associates, the largest cognitive behavioral practice in the Los Angeles area, offers services for the full range of psychological problems.

For more information, contact: Joel L. Becker, Ph.D., Clinical Director of Cognitive Behavior Associates, 9400 Brighton Way, #407 Beverly Hills, CA 90210, Phone: 310-858-3831, or visit

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