BOSTON, MA – Aug. 21 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — To Editors and Reporters: As you may know, Question 1 on the November ballot will update Massachusetts law to allow grocery stores to apply for a locally approved license to sell wine to their customers. Naturally, Question 1 is opposed by liquor stores, who would prefer not to have competition from grocery stores in wine sales.

Recently, we have seen a number of news articles in which local liquor store owners and their political allies make demonstrably false claims about Question 1 – and other articles in which our YES on 1 campaign coalition was not contacted or quoted to ensure fair and balanced coverage.

While most states allow grocery stores to sell wine to consumers, a 72-year-old Massachusetts law still prevents most grocery stores from selling wine – and gives a virtual monopoly to liquor stores (who now control 85% of wine sales in the state). Question 1 will simply give town and city officials the option to issue a wine-only license to qualified food stores that carry the range of food products “typically found in a grocery store,” including “meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, fresh fruit and produce, baked goods and baking ingredients, canned goods and dessert items.” (Question 1, Section 15B, Paragraph 1.)

Contrary to claims made by opponents, Question 1 is not about beer or liquor or convenience stores. And, grocery stores that get local approval for a wine license will be required to pay annual license fees and state taxes to cover enforcement costs. (Question 1, Section 15B, Paragraph 3). Moreover, state and national law enforcement statistics show that grocery stores are as good as, or better than, liquor stores at enforcing minimum drinking age requirements and other laws.

We respectfully request that before publishing any stories or editorials about Question 1, that you contact us. We also encourage you to read the measure for yourself and review the other information posted on our website at Our day-to-day press liaison is Kim Hinden, who can be reached at 617-877-2995. We look forward to talking with you about this issue.

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