From single male solo leadership in the church to Husband and wife will improve the entire ministry outcome

CONYERS, Ga. – Aug. 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Radah Publishing, a ministry of Crusade Dominion Church, with Dr. Sharon S. Milon, has announced availability of her new book, “Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship.”

The insights of this book provide most of society the opportunity to make influential upgrades, to improve the value of the church’s pulpit and homes. The approach and data provided is to have the church percentages of divorce and infidelity eradicated for the kingdom of God charge. This book is the only one known, addressing this revelation on the market today.

Readers embracing and using these truths taught in the book, will positively affect throughout the world, totally upgrading in all areas of dysfunction in church leaders, and its followers. The high percentage of church offenses against members would change and display the image and likeness of the Godhead found in the book of Genesis.

With this book taught in ministry schools and small groups, the understanding of equality would bring harmony and peace to the world we live in. Because the book is so clear and simple to understand, this knowledge should have been released long ago, for better relationships historically.

“Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship” provides a foundation to build marriages for healthy offsprings, with ministries of longevity. It is now available in Atlanta-area bookstores, online stores and Crusade Dominion Resources for the price of $15.00 (plus shipping).

Readers say, “If they had read the book before they married it would have been the tools they needed to help them avoid the failure of divorce and troubled children.”

Preventing the fall of a marriage this book prepares you to move on after the trauma of a divorce and build you up to know there is a greater call and purpose and failure is not the end.

“Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship” is foreword by a leading Apostle of our time, Apostle John P. Kelly with a validation of this book states “It is one of the most needed books in print today!”

About Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship
“Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship” is published for those desiring to know more, with an open-minded perspective on the origin of Adam and Eve, catapulting the plan for all creation; with its unique blending of spiritual and willingness principles, both timeless and timely questions are confronted and resolved. Team Apostles, Husband and Wife Generalship can thus be thought of as a blueprint for continual upgrades of churches families and business husband and wife.

For more information on the book, or to order online, visit or call 770-761-9557 At Crusade Dominion Church.

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