Discover how spirituality in the workplace is sweeping the federal workforce after 9/11

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Sept. 11 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — After the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, the economy slowed down for both private businesses and public organizations. People were losing jobs and forced to change their priorities and lifestyles. However, America regained its composure, reestablished itself as a global power, and went back to normalcy. Yet the aftermath of such tragedies have produced a spiritual void in America’s workplace. Essentially, 9/11 exposed this emerging trend of workers seeking meaning and purpose in the workplace. Likewise, today’s federal employees are also demanding this necessity.

Send2Press imageAs of January 2005, the official count of Federal civilian employees, including the United States Postal Service, was 2,686,591. Today’s employees are undergoing some unparalleled changes, such as outsourcing. Government employees suffer from a bad public image as being bureaucratic and unmotivated.

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These work and cultural pressures have sparked a demand for a more meaningful work existence. This revelation may cause federal managers to take notice as federal employees start leaving federal services in hoping of something better.

Why are American employees in general desiring something different from their jobs? Some employees note the lack of concern by organizations for their individuality. Historically, organizations have had no room for spirituality of any kind. The underpinning assumption is that well-run organizations are impersonal. The current workforce is therefore expecting more quality-of-living improvements in organizations. Ashar and Lane-Maher, authors of “Success and Spirituality in the New Business Paradigm,” maintain that the workplace has an aspiration for something more than employment.

Some experts call this need spirituality, which is characterized by individuals feeling good about themselves and carrying a sense of godliness in their living. However, this concept is not about organized religion but recognizing the reality that people want to meet an inner desire by having meaningful work.

Daryl and Estraletta Green, authors of “More than a Conqueror: Achieving Personal Fulfillment in Government Service,” have been tracking these cultural changes in federal employees for many years. They have over 20 years of federal government experience. They explain that most organizations have completely ignored this emerging employee need. Daryl explains, “Managers want an impersonal workforce while employees want an intimate relationship. They want to be valued and to know their efforts are valued by management. This is obvious to us in the federal workforce.”

The Greens offer suggestions for employees desiring a more, purpose-driven life in the workplace:

    1. Vision. Develop an overall purpose for your life.

    2. Priority. Identify your top five priorities in your life and act on them.

    3. Purposeful Living. Find a worthy cause, such as new business start-up or community volunteering.

    4. Ideal Job. Discover your ideal job, consisting of your interest, talents/skills, and personal values.

Fortunately, some employers are taking this spiritual void seriously. However, some executives still appear indifferent about these cultural shifts in the workplace. Green argues, “With the impending retirement of the baby boomer generation drawing near, organizations that neglect the needs of their employees will find themselves in an unfavorable position for future hiring.” Some federal employees are taking personal responsibility for their lives in order to gain a more fulfilled life in civilian services. Other workers are following suit to this spiritual change in America’s workplaces.

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