TROIS-RIVIERES, Canada, Oct. 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Support for the Narconon program grows rapidly in North America, as more and more specialists in the medical and drug rehabilitation community recognize the efficiency of the Narconon program. “In five years of experience with the Narconon program I have invariably found it to be effective against chronic relapses,” reports Cheryl Williams, C.C.D.C. (Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor) of Narconon Trois-Rivieres (

“I can see that the Narconon Program is highly successful in addressing the physical and mental problems associated with drug addiction. In that respect I totally agree with what Doctor Paredes states.”

In a previous statement, Dr. Alfonzo Paredes MD, a Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology declared:

“The Narconon program has several features which, in my opinion, justify the implementation of the program.”

“The drug-free procedure used by Narconon during alcohol and drug withdrawal is, in my opinion, sound. All patients who participate in the Narconon program are screened by a physician prior to acceptance in the program. Those individuals with physical signs of withdrawal symptoms of such severity that they require medical detoxification or medical conditions in need of care are not accepted until medical treatment is completed elsewhere. The Narconon program therefore manages the aspects of withdrawal that respond effectively to supportive and dietary care[…] I have presented some general comments on the merits of the program. If requested, I will be happy to give more detailed opinions concerning any specific aspect of the Narconon approach.”

Cheryl Williams helps families give their loved ones a chance at a new life: “I have seen the results of this drug rehabilitation program first hand during my tenure as a drug counselor. The two phase biophysical program seems to merit a high success rate in handling the emotional and life related issues as to why a person uses drugs, and also the much needed physical detoxification of the body. This answers a long needed demand for an effective drug treatment solution not only for the alcoholic, but for the heavy street drug addict as well.”

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