BALTIMORE, Md. – Oct. 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The publication by Bethanne Publishers of “From Death to Disparity” (ISBN: 0-9774106-0-9) is truly a sign of the times. Written in 1982 by author Elizabeth R. Barbiere, the story takes place only a few years before. Nevertheless, it surely links the past to the present as if it were almost an uncanny phenomenon.

book jacketThe novel begins in typical flashback mode, where it starts at almost the end of the tale. That is to say that it begins with the theme of death. Shortly thereafter, the plot reassembles a little less than a year before this time.

The two main characters, a brother and a sister, seem to play off of each other in a metaphoric fashion as their struggles are more or less parallel. They laugh, they loathe, they shutter at the idea of facing their fears. Their experiences somehow lead them to a place where neither one of them particularly wants to go, but seems to be their destiny nonetheless.

Anna, the female sibling, is audacious and adventurous, going practically halfway around the world to take a position as a university instructor. Her goal is to teach English as a foreign language to students who are almost her exact age, but seem to be psychologically challenged. It does not take long for her to find out that her personality and charm do her more harm than good, entangling her in a web of mockery and persecution among her students as well as her colleagues. Meanwhile, her brother Paul goes out of state to work for an international company as a computer sales representative.

Knowing little about the product he is supposed to be marketing, he does not even attempt to promote sales and therefore falls deeper and deeper into a state of despair and disillusionment.

The most notable difference between the trials and tribulations of the main characters is that Anna finds love and support along the way whereas Paul is completely alone. An earnest friend and confidant, Noureddine leads her to a gateway that she never thought she would enter in her entire life. Although she trusts him on a personal level, Anna has intense reservations as to what the outcome would be if she stayed with this man.

More significant than the similarities and differences between the two characters is the political innuendos about what in reality would come about. The story takes place over twenty-five years ago and nothing was written more than five years later. However, in delving into the subject matter, the reader will soon find that what transpired in 1978 was indeed a foreshadowing of the horrific events of the present day. Underground activity and even terrorism are also a consequential theme of this book.

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