SHEFFIELD, U.K. – Oct. 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Mr. Michael Nashvili, speaking for Mr. Anant Kumar Tripati, and a representative of a group based in Europe that is raising awareness of Tripati’s case, states “I have been contacted by four legal services groups from the European Union who are considering filing a petition with the European Union to bar member countries from doing business with Arizona in order to highlight judicial corruption in Arizona.”

Documents to be cited in the petition include evidence that shows:

Judges in Arizona have been rigging court cases in order to protect other judges. They are preventing any cases, or compelling evidence in Mr. Tripati’s favour, from being presented in a court of law by Mr. Tripati. [Document 7-(Memo from Judge Brian Hauser to Judge Robert Myers) and Document 3-(Arizona Department of Corrections Information Report) at].

Arizona authorities manufactured crimes with no supporting physical evidence whatsoever in order to convict Mr. Tripati, and have sent him to prison until 2044 [Document 2- (Letter by Robert Girdley to the AZ Attorney General) at documents]. Mr. Tripati was sentenced to 52.5 years for the crime of “fraudulent schemes” based only upon false testimony obtained by witness intimidation and witness tampering.

Additional evidentiary documents are available at that clearly demonstrates testimony was falsified by Arizona authorities, and was covered up by members of the judiciary.

Barristers believe that in light of these documents, economic sanctions are warranted because Mr. Tripati is a Commonwealth citizen.

During the course of his legal research work, Mr. Tripati amassed documentation demonstrating the systemic prosecution of people in Arizona by fabricating crimes, evidenced, and perjured testimony. The material evidenced Judicial complicity in this corruption, and Judges protecting each other from exposure of their actions. When these people learned that Mr. Tripati intended to expose this judicial corruption, crimes were allegedly manufactured against Mr. Tripati to stop him.

The documents allegedly show that there has been a miscarriage of justice resulting in a set of wrongful convictions, and raise too many questions about the actions taken against Mr. Tripati. The sentence is disproportionate and inhumane, as crimes of violence and murder get lesser sentences in Arizona. Mr. Tripati must be given a full blown evidentiary hearing in an open court of law with an unbiased jury.

For more information, please contact Mr. Michael Nashvili ( a representative of a group based in Europe that is raising awareness of Mr. Tripati’s case.

News issued by: Anant Kumar Tripati

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