VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – Oct. 17 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Researchers in the Netherlands found that older men and women judged to have optimistic personalities were less likely to die over the nine-year study period than those with pessimistic dispositions; the Great News Network is tapping into that concept and providing positive news to people and generating hopeful outlooks.

The Great News Network exists to provide positive news to the public; they focus on stories of advancements in science, medicine, human rights, education, global peace and the environment.

“It’s time to get inspired,” Ryan Logtenberg, President, Great News Network, said. “Despite all the negativity reported in the news, there is progress being made to better ourselves and our planet; the Great News Network exists to report it.”

According to Logtenberg, many people feel powerless in their ability to make the world better through positive action.

“I believe that part of the reason is because there is minimal inspiration from the mainstream media that prompts positive change,” Logtenberg explained. “It is important for everyone to feel that they can make a positive difference.”

Recent feel-good headlines include: “Schoolyard Chant Foils Armored Heist;” “Libya to Buy Laptops for All Nation’s Kids;” “Sri Lanka Re-opens Door to Peace Talks;” and “Bono Fights AIDS with Oprah.”

Other top stories reported on Richard Branson committing $3 billion to fight global warming; educated readers on how to generate power from kites; and told a story about “Superman’s Doc” who is making strides in the area of childhood paralysis.

“Rather than focusing on the negative and preying on people’s fears,” Logtenberg said, “We empower readers to bring about positive change, and feel healthier and happier about the world in which they live.”

News stories can be searched by category or region. News is submitted by members and also voted on by members. The story with the most votes is promoted to the front page.

Founded in October 2003, The Great News Network’s objective is to become a respected news organization that reports positive news that has potential to inspire and motivate its readers to take action to make a better world. The network is run by its members who actively mine the Internet for positive news articles.

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