Special set perfect for history lovers; includes the just-completed Pursuit of Honor film

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Oct. 31 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Just in time for the 2006 holiday season, Paladin Communications is releasing a special George Washington DVD Gift Set. Perfect for the documentary lover or history buff on your list, the gift set includes Paladin’s three award-winning documentaries on the man who would forge our nation – George Washington.

From his first trip west at age 21 to his journey to Boston more than two decades later to command the Continental Army, the George Washington DVD Gift Set tells the story of a Washington you never knew. With almost six hours of dramatic scenes and extras on three DVDs, the George Washington DVD Gift Set takes viewers back to a time when a country was in turmoil and one leader rose to the challenge of establishing a new nation.

Included in the set is Paladin’s most recent documentary Pursuit of Honor: The Rise of George Washington, which was completed in the summer of 2006 and entered into the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. Paladin’s producers believe the themes and issues explored in this George Washington documentary will resonate strongly with viewers because of the conflicts that exist in today’s world.

“We are in a time of war right now, and this film mirrors some of the sentiment that is being felt around the world and reported on in the news every day,” says Robert Matzen, writer/director of the latest film.

Also included in the George Washington DVD Gift Set are Paladin’s first two films, both of which have received national acclaim. When the Forest Ran Red: Washington, Braddock & a Doomed Army (2001), tells of the opening days of the wilderness war that erupted between three empires for control of the Ohio Country in America. This film has earned six national awards and continues to air on 70 PBS affiliates around the country. The second in the trilogy, George Washington’s First War: The Battles for Fort Duquesne (2003), picks up where When the Forest Ran Red ends. Braddock’s army has been annihilated. It is left to one man, the ‘retired’ George Washington, all of 25 years old, to pull together defenses for 500 miles of colonial frontier. First War earned five national awards, and both films have achieved national distribution on DVD and VHS.

Historians and reviewers consider the Paladin productions to be enthralling compared to other documentaries because of the mix of live action and artistic shots, as well as sequences that are similar to music videos. The films include scenes shot at some of the country’s most revered landmarks, including Mount Vernon and Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as many locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

“This set will give the history buff or historical documentary fan on your list a unique and memorable gift,” Matzen added. “Putting them together allows the viewer to witness the emergence of the real George Washington and his rise to become America’s first and greatest hero.”

The set, with a special price of $54.95, will be available for purchase November 6 online at www.gwmovie.net or by calling 1.866.831.4840.

About Paladin Communications

Paladin Communications, www.paladincom.com, was formed in 1999 to take advantage of the rich base of film production talent in Western Pennsylvania. Paladin staff has won more than 50 national awards for film and video productions ranging from broadcast learning to featurettes in Super 16 and film and video documentaries for National Geographic and others. They have shot high in the Rockies and deep in the Amazon.

The 2001 Paladin historical documentary, When the Forest Ran Red: Washington, Braddock & a Doomed Army, is broadcast on PBS affiliates around the country and has earned six national awards, including a MUSE Award from the American Association of Museums, a Platinum Aurora Award for the screenplay, and a CINE Golden Eagle. George Washington’s First War: the Battles for Fort Duquesne garnered five more awards and has educated teachers and the nation about Washington’s role in the French & Indian War.

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