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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nov. 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Blacks for Economic Security Today (BEST) have released two television advertisements designed by black voters to reach black people. The two ads blast Maryland Senate Candidate Ben Cardin and Tennessee Senate Candidate Harold Ford as bad news for black voters. The ad calls out Cardin for his dismal voting record for blacks as well as his taking for granted the black vote in Maryland.

Send2Press PhotowireThe Ford attack calls into question why hard working blacks in Tennessee should vote for a candidate who rarely even votes. The ad equates the Congressman’s lack of voting with not understanding the soft bigotry that blacks have to deal with on a regular basis in their jobs. The ad shows that black voters have to work twice as hard to get ahead while Ford works half as hard and feels entitled to become a Senator.

The ads can be viewed at The two ads are the first in a series of four, according to BEST.

The Cardin spot states:

    For 20 years Ben Cardin had been promising and promising. It’s a fact. Ben Cardin has failed us. But we all know that. We thought this time would be our time. But there they go, another backroom deal to cut us out and they expect us to fall in line. Cardin hasn’t delivered! As a matter of fact, in congress, Cardin votes to keep money out of the hands of black families and black owned businesses. He just voted against a Minimum Wage increase for black working families. And he even voted against lowering our gas tax. Now how’s that for a one two punch?

The Ford spot highlights his no show tendencies:

    Harold Ford is out of touch with hardworking Blacks in Tennessee. We work long hours at tough jobs missing time with our families. We have to put up with so much in the work place like soft bigotry. Harold Ford is not like us. He doesn’t even bother to show up to work. And believe it or not he made the top 5 in Congress as having the worst voting record. Even Members of Congress in rehab have a better voting record than Ford and vote 98% of the time more than Harold. When he decides to show up to work and actually work and vote he’s not keeping money in the hands of hard working black families in Tennessee. No Show Harold Ford now thinks he should get a promotion; well we think differently.

Both ads bear the identifier, “Paid for by Blacks for Economic Security Today Trust.” BEST is a newly organized PAC whose mission is to amplify the truth about tax hikes on the backs of the African American growing middle class. BEST also works to foster stronger black families, achieved through issue advocacy campaigns.

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