WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nov. 4 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Blacks for Economic Security Today (BEST) on Saturday released two television advertisements that attack two Democratic candidates for turning their backs on the African-American population. To view: www.besttrustfund.org.

The ads blast Maryland Senate Candidate Ben Cardin, who is white, and Tennessee Senate Candidate Harold Ford, an African-American. BEST accuses both candidates of ignoring the black population and in some instances, voting for measures that actually harm blacks. The latest ads were the last in a series of four, according to BEST.

The first ads attacked Cardin for his dismal voting record for blacks, including a vote against raising the minimum wage. The Ford ad attacked the Congressman’s work ethic, pointing out his high absenteeism in Congress.

BEST is a newly organized PAC whose mission is to amplify the truth about tax hikes on the backs of the African-American growing middle class. BEST also works to foster stronger black families, achieved through issue advocacy campaigns.

The Cardin Ad:

Here we go again, Ben Cardin, all fluff and no stuff. He voted against education for our children, like providing scholarships to low-income families. He voted against improvements to Head Start, and even against pastors hiring church members to run the program. But, here’s where he really takes us for granted, Cardin supports giving free benefits to illegal aliens and passing the bill to us. We are not falling in line. In the next Congress, we need to find someone that will not vote against women and minorities. Call Cardin and tell him to stop voting against hardworking black families.

The Ford Ad:

Here’s why we can’t elect No Show Harold Ford as our Senator: Harold didn’t show to vote on funding programs for development of black-owned businesses. Harold missed a vote on funding AIDS treatment for poor Africans and for food to help starving people in Darfur, Sudan. Harold didn’t vote on the Public Expansion of Religion Act of 2006. Harold didn’t vote on a measure to protect your private property. I want a senator who can show up, and make tough decisions for me, not one who is a no-show or worse, can’t make up his mind.

More information: www.besttrustfund.org.

News issued by: Blacks for Economic Security Today

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