A Canadian Nutritionist and Graduate of The Program Talks About How the Detox Program Cleansed His Body – and Helped Boost His ‘Thought Processes’

TORONTO, Canada – Nov. 9 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Doctors, scientists and other professionals around the world have spoken and written about Narconon’s Drug Detoxification Program in ridding the body of harmful chemicals and other pollutants. And thousands of people worldwide have experienced the substantial benefits the program has to offer, says the team at Narcodex.

Perhaps this is why global support for Narconon has been greater than ever, with official recognition in parts of Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland. The Ministry of Health in England has also directly funded Narconon residential rehabilitation and Narconon has received funding from Colombia and the United States.

But can the Detoxification Program also increase mental ability? Nutritionist Geoffrey Wardle says it can.

In an interview he described how the Detox Program helped eliminate “muddy” thinking and boosted his mental efficiency to significantly higher levels.

“I became a lot more physically fit and a notably brighter too. I found that my thinking processes were way, way higher than they were before…. Prior to doing the program I was what I would describe as dull mentally. It was like continually trying to think through mud. Of course, I didn’t know this until I completed the Detox. Afterwards I was clear-headed, brighter and ‘sharp as a tack.’ The improvement was very noticeable.”

You don’t have to be a drug addict to benefit from the program, says Wardle, virtually anyone can enjoy success from doing it: “What’s interesting is that I never took street drugs, only the usual over-the-counter and prescription medication. It was therefore quite a surprise that I could experience that much gain from the Detox Program. Afterwards, when I became a nutritionist, I understood more as to why this was. I discovered that you can end up with a whole lot of stuff sitting inside your body to get rid of.”

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