KANAGAWAKEN, Japan – Nov. 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — On November 21st, KAYAC Co.Ltd. CEO Daisuke Yanagisawa announced that the company has launched a new blog widget “THANKS” from their blog widgets site “BlogDeco.”

IT enterprise, KAYAC Co.Ltd., is an internet developing company located in the old capital of Kamakura, Japan. Their website includes an E-commerce website that sells pictures on a consignment basis, applications which convert movie files, selling as ASP/OEM, and a blog widget that has functions of SNS such as making friends and communities as well.

According to Daisuke Yanagisawa: “This blog widget ‘THANKS,’ is our fist release targeted abroad, in both Japanese and English versions.”

– Functions of THANKS
Posting message of thanks:
Once the registered user (no fee to register) has posted the message of thanks from My page, the message will display on THANKS blog widget.

– Browsing message of thanks:
Anyone, either registered or non-registered, can read the messages on the blog widget or at the website of THANKS.

– Promoting post of thanks:
Users will receive a fun picture once they post the message of thanks. There is an option that reminds to post by E-mail.

Language correspondence (2006 Nov. 21st)

* English
THANKS English ver. site. THANKS English blog widget.
Posting and browsing in English.

* Chinese – Posting and browsing in Chinese

* Japanese site – http://thanks.blogdeco.jp/

* For other languages, we are looking for volunteers who can translate.

According to Yanagisawa: “After the service was released, we surprisingly found that there are many posts in Chinese and English. We are planning to release in other languages such as German, French and etc, and wish to be the most popular blog widget in the world in the future.”

Summary of BlogDeco
A blog widgets website opened in 2005 Oct. There are 16 official blog widgets, such as distributing cooking recipes “CookClock,” Amazon Associates program supporting blog widget “AMAZOOM.” There are also some columns on other blog widgets.

Summary of KAYAC Co.Ltd.
CEO: Daisuke Yanagisawa
Address: Kamakurashi Komachi 2-12-37 Kamakura Monte Build. 3-B, Kanagawaken Japan
Established: 2005 Jan. 21st
URL: www.kayac.com.

News issued by: KAYAC Co.Ltd.

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