NEWARK, N.J. – Dec. 12 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Author Charles Elephant believes that people are responsible for their own destiny. In his recently released devotional guide book, “Echoes of Heaven” (ISBN: 1412089751), he discusses the personal nature of religion and encourages people to nurture their individual relationships with God.

Echoes of Heaven“Echoes of Heaven” contains revelations about subjects that haunt the minds of millions of people everyday such as: the soul; true religion; death and life after death; and the reality of heaven and hell.

In Chapter Six, “Submitting My Life to God,” Elephant makes it clear to the reader that there is only one God – the creator of the Universe – and Jesus, his beloved son.

The Trinity is defined as God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; they are unified in one thought and purpose. Therefore, based on Elephant’s writings, there is only one supreme true God, the creator of the universe, the Holy one.

In “Echoes of Heaven” Elephant describes the role and purpose of the Trinity – they have no equal power, authority or ability.

Elephant goes on to contemplate why Christians accept the false doctrine of Trinity, the doctrine that was rejected by the church of the first century.

According to Elephant, Christians today live in disgust, proclaiming Christ without their hearts, and abusing the Holy Spirit of God; he believes that their wickedness will cost them their lives.

Elephant is also fascinated by the origin and history of miracles. In Chapter 18, “Amazing Vision about Churches,” he reveals thoughts about the secrets behind miracles and false prophets.

The author believes that there is no miracle that will ever satisfy humans because their problems will always be greater than the miracles, except the miracle of salvation.

Elephant says that the most difficult thing for people to do is to unlearn wrong or false knowledge.

“It is painful to shatter experience or beliefs that one has been holding onto for years,” Elephant stated. “But, I urge everyone to put aside their biases in reading this book and to make an effort to form a clear understanding of the Trinity, what it stands for, and to discover the beauty of God.”

The issue of Trinity and the history of miracles are detailed in this book along with songs of praise and captivating chapters about Jesus, the Devil, life, marriage, oaths, churches, the controversial “Da Vinci Code,” curses, and more.

Readers will become enveloped in a world of questions and answers, and then brought back to a realization of their own personal relationship with God, or their need for one.

Ultimately, Elephant has a desire to share his message with the world through “Echoes of Heaven.”

“It is my heart’s desire to share with others what God has put in my heart; the beauty of God,” Elephant explains.

Elephant lives in Newark, N.J. He was born in Mukurwe-ini Nyeri in Kenya. His birth name, Charles Njogu, translates into “Elephant” in his native language. He has received a Master’s Degree in International Finance and Economics from Brandeis University, and is also working toward a Master’s Degree of Science in Management and Systems at New York University.

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