Middle East Nuke Accident; Nehru Jackets Return; Cubs in World Series

CHICAGO, Ill. – Dec. 12 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s December and this time of year prognosticators appear everywhere feasting on the public’s fascination about the future. However, “psychic” and corporate mind power speaker SIDNEY FRIEDMAN (www.SidneyFriedman.com) has established his credibility with a publicly accountable track record of 71% accuracy over the last nine years. Friedman’s prediction success has been documented on a number of TV and radio shows, primarily Chicago’s CBS-TV Morning News and Chicago’s FOX-TV Morning News. Says FOX News anchor David Novarro, “I have to admit, a few years ago I was quite skeptical, but I’m starting to believe.”

Sidney Friedman now releases eight of his nineteen predictions for 2007, with more predictions to be announced on his website (www.SidneyFriedman.com/predictions.htm) over the next two weeks. This coincides with the paperback release of Friedman’s book YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO (Blue Dolphin, 181 pages), which was an amazon best-seller (reaching #11) as a hardcover back in 2000. The book delves into the workings of the subconscious mind and teaches how to foretell and positively affect one’s own future.

Here are the first eight of Sidney Friedman’s 2007 predictions:

1) In the U.S. markets, the tech sectors will show a remarkable gain of about 20%. 2) The Dow will flirt with 13,000 but then will retreat to approximately where it began, perhaps even lose some ground. 3) Nehru jackets will return to fashion. 4) Krazy Glue(tm) will save lives. 5) A female assasin will stalk Washington D.C. 6) There will be a major scandal in Mutual Funds, causing resignations and perhaps even suicide. 7) There will be a deadly nuclear accident in the middle east. 8) The Chicago Cubs will make it to the World Series.

Friedman says, “I truly hope numbers 5, 6 and 7 don’t occur. These are certainly tragic. And for fashion’s sake, let’s hope the Nehru jacket thing doesn’t happen either. But I call them the way I envision them.” As for the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, Cub fan Friedman remarks, “I predict that one every year, and I’m going to keep predicting it until it happens.”

Over nine years Friedman has achieved a 71% accuracy, and he has never been lower than 63%. These predictions even include the improbable rise of the stock market to 12,000 a few weeks ago (against many analysts’ forecasts), the Mississippi River “reversing course” (re: the levees breaking from Hurricane Katrina), the first successful around-the-world balloon flight in 1999, and Martha Stewart’s legal troubles.

Even major corporations like HP, Deloitte, Bartlit Beck, Synnex, Transwestern, Glenkirk, Campbell’s Soup and hundreds more hire Friedman to speak about intuition and to perform his demonstrations of extrasensory perception and mind power. Friedman, also a gifted musician and mathematician, has done these corporate presentations for almost 15 years.

Is he psychic? Is he intuitive? Or what? Friedman states, “The name doesn’t matter. What I do comes primarily from what I call The Pendulum Principle combined with dreams and a meditation technique. Plus, I always add to the equation that most of the future is UNPREDICTABLE. That is the way it should be; otherwise, the present would be meaningless. Much of the future is what we make of it, but once in a while the curtain parts ever-so-slightly and I get a glimpse onto the theater of tomorrow.”

More information on Friedman, his book, and his predictions is at www.SidneyFriedman.com.

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