TAMPA, Fla. – Feb. 16 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — We are all born with intuitive abilities although it can be more developed in some people than others, says Francisco Rosero, of Intuivel, LLC. Until now, there has been no available system for harnessing this internal talent which would make it possible to apply “intuitive messages” for practical purposes.

When intuition is combined with practical intention, it can reveal opportunities otherwise difficult to identify. Using this tool, one can “see” through multi-dimensional glasses when identifying and solving conflicts and challenges in any corporate situation.

“Our purpose at Intuivel, LLC is to assist individuals in understanding, educating and developing the human intuitive potential, without tapping into mysticism,” saus Rosero. “Just as computers have revolutionized business, communicating and information access, our training programs improve the way people relate and interact with stressful demands of corporate world. Our system assists in awakening, by subtle means, dormant and undeveloped potential inherent in the complex human machine.”

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are searching for tools to help fight stress and support survival in a pressure-filled corporate scene. Meditation, tai-chi and other practices such as yoga, help relieve some this anxiety. Intuivel offers a unique opportunity to incorporate practical techniques, which create useful and effective connections with one’s inner source of harmony and knowledge

The intuitive intelligence method refers to the practical application of intuition in combination with the analytical and emotional processes. It provides a third perspective to make top quality decisions. When used by teams, it improves communication and interpersonal relations. In personal life, intuitive intelligence radically improves motivation, personal satisfaction while eliminating stress.

Intuition is neither new nor unusual. Often in a day, people “feel” an inner sense, a hunch or a premonition as to the right or wrong decision. There are those who call intuition the sixth sense. The Latin word intuitio means “immediate knowledge of something without having to discover it.”

Intuitive Intelligence is the missing link after the development of one’s analytic and emotional intelligences. Training of intuitive intelligence is the final frontier in building total intelligence.

“We demonstrate that it is possible to be a successful professional and have an excellent quality of life at the same time,” says Rosero.

On March 3rd and 11th, at the Wyndham Westshore Hotel, Intuivel, LLC will present the seminar “the Winner’s Mind,” which demonstrates one of the practical applications of the intuitive intelligence method. This method teaches people how to use their mind to think like the most successful people of today.

Everyone has this same talent, but due to life pressures and conditioning, has lost the ability to access it.

“I learned how to master the process of eliminating negative beliefs, implement positive thinking and attitudes for success. I also learned how to create a quantum difference in my life, condition my mind and body to consistently focus my energy and creativity on winning opportunities,” explained John Williams, a former student of the intuitive intelligence method.

Intuivel has also developed a 5-minute Dynamic Meditation and Neurofeedback techniques to assist people eliminate stress and anxiety.

The Facilitator: Francisco Rosero is a renowned speaker, motivator and developer of the Intuitive Intelligence method and the Adamantine System. For the past several years, Francisco’s methods have successfully helped thousands of people to transform their lives.

More information: www.intuivel.com.

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