MIAMI, Fla. – Mar. 6 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Sdoia-Satz Music Institute (The Husky Gang School), the prestigious, private music school in Miami with a reputation for outstanding musical excellence, is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is offering a $100 discount on its $250 two hour comprehensive aptitude test, available only until March 15, 2007. This test evaluates the untrained sense of pitch, rhythm, strengths and weakness of personality and natural musicianship, helps determine choice of instrument and instructor best suited to fit the candidate’s needs.

Barry Satz (c) Send2PressPhoto Caption: Mr. Barry Satz, Administrator of the Husky Gang School and Project with Sheba, a member of the Husky Gang. Sheba has one blue eye and one brown eye. Mr. Satz is wearing the official hat of the Husky Gang School. Only eight of these hats exist, and they are all numbered and signed by the Husky Gang.

The assessment includes a mini-lesson utilizing the high-energy teaching style of the school. The teaching methods of the Husky Gang School are so unusual and innovative that the school is sponsored by Comcast, Sam Ash and the Village of El Portal, Florida. CNN and Eyewitness News have called them “unique.”

Sdoia-Satz Music Institute (The Husky Gang School) has already been immortalized in the book series entitled, “The Husky Gang Teaches Piano” (ISBN-10: 0757978894), and “The Husky Gang Tales,” written and composed by Phyllis Sdoia-Satz and published by Warner Brothers. The series is about the adventures of Sam, an Alaskan malamute, Stormy, Sheba, and Sabrina, 3 Siberian huskies, and Sharon, an “honorary” husky (She’s really a cat), five “music teachers” in the fictional Husky Gang Music School.

The real animals, of the same names, are actually mascots of the real Husky Gang School. They have all been featured in a myriad of newspaper, magazine articles as well as TV and radio interviews, along with the Director of the school, Phyllis Sdoia-Satz.

Ms. Sdoia-Satz, the innovative educator, musician, author and composer of the four books and CDs in the Husky Gang Series is the visionary Director of the Husky Gang School. She has been a professional musician for more than sixty years and has been at the helm of Sdoia-Satz Music Institute since its inception, first in New York City and later in Miami. Ms. Sdoia-Satz’s innovative methods of teaching focus on discovering the joy in learning and the excitement of a positive and upbeat approach to life. She believes that anyone can learn anything, if the material is presented in a way that makes the learning exciting and fulfilling. The sign above the entrance to the Husky Gang School reads “Never say ‘I can’t.’ Say ‘I can’t, YET.'” It’s not just a sign. It’s the entire philosophy of Ms. Sdoia-Satz.

Because of her unique ideas about living and learning, Ms. Sdoia-Satz has appeared on CNN, Headline News, Eyewitness News (5x), CBS (2x), NBC, Fox, Univision, Telemundo, WBZL, WPBS, (3x), Comcast, and Despiertas America. Twenty-two articles have appeared in the Miami Herald and Knight Ridder papers nationwide about her. She is the recipient of many awards, and her teaching philosophies have even appeared in a medical journal.

A Google search of “Sdoia-Satz” brings up more than 1,700 articles world-wide. These unusual methods of teaching enable both adults and children to learn music time values and music notation in just a few minutes, and to learn to play a musical instrument in a unusually short time, even if they knew nothing about music before.

Other news about The Husky Gang School: at the Metro-Dade County-wide referendum held in November, 2006 the vote was “yes” for a new theme park in Miami. A major part of this theme park will be a “Husky Gang Village.”

Sdoia-Satz Music Institute is now offering half hour and three-quarter hour private lessons in addition to its regular hour-long lessons. For further information, please call 305.754.3097 and see website

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