Anna Wilding’s attorneys seek security support from New Line as Ms. Wilding Grapples with persistent stalking concerns left following Lord of the Rings movies

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Mar. 9 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — According to Anna Wilding, Mark Ordesky acknowledged and thanked Ms. Wilding for her substantial contribution to the Lord of the Rings movies, in a conversation through New Line’s Legal Affairs to Wilding’s attorneys at the law firm of Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard, in New York. Ms. Wilding has been left grappling with many security concerns since the movies, which has had a significant impact on her career. For the first time Ms. Wilding speaks publicly.

The films were directed by Peter Jackson and produced by Mark Ordesky and Barry Osbourne. Since the films, Ms. Wilding has been allegedly harassed and defamed by a set of Internet stalkers. It is not known who by, or why, Ms. Wilding is being attacked. Authorities concluded recently that the Internet attacks are coming out of America.

Ms. Wilding has not been compensated for her work despite the Trilogy grossing over 2 billion and the impact to Ms. Wil ding’s own safety and security. Attorneys for Ms. Wilding sought assistance on a basis of fairness, to help stop the attacks Ms. Wilding has had to endure. No help was forthcoming from New Line.

Contrary to rumors by fans, there has not ever been any basis for legal proceedings between Ms. Wilding and New Line. Ms. Wilding’s work, that enabled the film to continue, was at the corner stone of a flailing overspilling production beset with difficulties at the time. Anna Wilding worked extensively during the final year of production to bring about a peaceful resolution to ongoing conflicts and concerns on set with regards to the treatment of cast, crew and animals. Mr. Ordesky was often in touch with Ms. Wilding by telephone during both the production and editing stages of the films. to keep abreast of issues.

Ms. Wilding contacted Mr. Ordesky after she was contacted directly with complaints from crew, and cast members. Ms. Wilding researched, took statements and investigated, and experienced first hand the lack of cooperation, faced by cast and crew as they tried to get matters resolved through the production, safety and occupational groups, animal welfare groups and other agencies and outlets. Ms. Wilding then took the matter to the American Humane Association where for many months she continued to work on resolving matters. Some crew were injured during the making of the films, says Wilding, in which many horses were injured and several horses died.

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