CHICAGO, Ill. – Mar. 14 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Outspoken and unconventional Chicago mortgage broker, Scott Tucker, has been named one of Metro Chicago Real Estate Magazine’s Top 40 2006 Lending Champions… and named by his own competitors!

In the magazine’s Lending Champions special feature, Chicago loan officers (L.O.’s) & mortgage brokers named the Top 40 L.O.’s and brokers they believe to be the best in Chicago and its suburbs. In fact, the toughest to try to compete with.

In an industry lurching from 1 crisis to the next, and endless rumors predicting the imminent collapse of the entire industry, times have never been harder and competition more fierce for what appears to be a precarious and dwindling market.

Demands on L.O.’s & brokers, from both within and outside the industry, are ever greater, and building a successful and profitable mortgage brokerage is a monumental task that can drive all but the most determined professional to despair. It requires effective marketing, or in the alternative, long, long hours at your desk… and the ability to smile through it all.

What makes Tucker’s feat all the more remarkable is that he has made his way onto the magazine’s 2006 Lending Champions issue cover, working only part-time, and with just one part-time assistant.

The secret to Tucker’s success is his system of emotional direct response marketing he developed for himself.

Instead of having a “one size fits all” approach, he has focused his efforts on a handful of very narrowly-defined borrower niches, aiming his uniquely-crafted messages, accurately and deliberately, at only the very borrowers most likely to do business with him… completely on his terms not theirs… and so giving him complete and absolute immunity to “rate & fee” resistance.

In fact, Tucker says “price” rarely comes up.

By using such a powerful and targeted system, Tucker is the only L.O. or broker marketing exclusively to over 30,000 Chicagoland homeowners. His competitors don’t know how he markets to them, while they can’t even find them!

His system is so powerful, and so tightly focused, that it routinely returns a profit of $52 for every $1 he invests in it… and fully 17% of visitors to his website complete a lengthy online application to be offered his services… then patiently sit back and wait the 24 business hours he requires for them to receive word back from his office.

Tucker’s copyrighted emotional direct response marketing System has proven such a success that he now licenses it to other L.O.’s and brokers for use in the U.S., Canada, and even Mexico.

In fact, Tucker currently has 167 licensees in these three countries. They have license to use his System for themselves, and also complement their effective use of the System with personal coaching from Tucker. As a result, he now has scores of what he calls his “Champions” with their own success stories, which are no less impressive than his own.

Tucker, for his own reasons, chooses to accept only one L.O. or broker from each area. He says he does this to promote the spirit of teamwork that Members of his Program have when they don’t feel they’re competing with one another head-to-head.

Because of the simplicity in implementing his proprietary emotional direct response marketing System and its universal applicability to any brokerage in any locality or economy, only 33 areas remain available, and those last 33 are going fast.

Scott Tucker is a mortgage broker, loan officer, and the number one coach and advisor in the application of emotional direct response marketing for subprime mortgage professionals in North America.

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