Rim Waxx Wheel Protectant frees up the car enthusiast to focus on other things

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Apr. 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Not enough elbow grease to spare? Too much buffing required? Maveric Brands has developed Rim Waxx Wheel Protectant(TM) for today’s image-conscious car enthusiasts; the product protects, shines, cleans, and restores a wheel’s surface with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness.

Rim Waxx - (c) Send2PressSo, what else sets Rim Waxx Wheel Protectant(TM) apart from the rest? It is made with the most premium ingredients available on the market.

Maveric’s formula packaging is also creating a stir in the auto industry. Funky designs, hip colors and an urban flair contribute to making Maveric a leader in the auto-accessory industry. Creatively-designed labels are sure to make customers smile.

Repelling grime and moisture, when applied to the wheel’s surface, Rim Waxx Wheel Protectant(TM) is easily wiped away after it is dried to a haze. This quick, two-step process not only forms an impenetrable barrier that protects the wheel’s surface, but also leaves an amazing, long-lasting shine behind when easily wiped away.

“We personally test all products on our own cars,” Don Valone, Senior Vice-President of Maveric Brands said. “If it doesn’t work, we won’t make it.”

Rim Waxx Wheel Protectant(TM) frees up the car enthusiast to focus on other things. Waxing used to be a good investment in time. Rim Waxx Wheel Protectant(TM) not only saves time and effort, but makes future cleaning amazingly easier as well.

“It’s so quick and easy to use and it left a crazy shine!” James Rouse, one satisfied customer said. “It makes cleaning my rims so much easier.”

Using anti-static technology and ultra-premium ingredients, Rim Waxx Wheel Protectant(TM), quickly and easily forms a barrier that repels hard-to-clean brake dust and greasy-road grime.

Maveric’s mission is to have fun and to create a product for today’s car enthusiasts that works for the best value on the market.

For more information about the company, visit: www.rimjuice.com; and, for a free sample, call 516-528-4630, or e-mail: dvalone@rimjuice.com.

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