DALLAS, Texas – Apr. 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Leadership inspiration is easy to find, says author Bill Webb, but difficult to apply. Webb, a motivational speaker and national trucking executive, offers practical leadership tips and motivation through short, easily digestible chapters in his new book “Igniting the Blue Flame: Answering the Call to Leadership” (ISBN-13 978-0-9791445-0-9). Webb’s search for transformational ideas became the roots for The Blue Flame Project (www.theblueflameproject.com).

Blue Flame - (c) Send2PressHis advice can be implemented daily, both in and out of the office, and is suggested for office discussion groups about increasing leadership skills at every level of an organization.

“Webb hits home with his clearly written, short chapters of inspiring messages. And because he’s an established leader…his words have a more personal flavor than other books in the genre,” says Jeff Mason, Publisher, Commercial Carrier Journal.

As an author, Webb draws from his unique leadership roles from which to write. He currently serves as Sr. Vice President of Marketing Operations and Stakeholder Value at FFE Transportation Services in Dallas, the largest publicly-held provider of temperature controlled logistics services in North America (FFEX).

He leads all sales and marketing operations and works with investors, analysts, news media, elected officials and regulators to promote the FFE brand throughout the US, Mexico and Canada. Formerly, he was President of the Texas Motor Transport Association, where he was represented the interests of the trucking industry at the state and national levels for over ten years.

Basic leadership principals are common sense, he says in the introduction. But they were not common practice in the trucking industry ten years ago when he began exploring advice on leadership to share with his peers. His search for transformational ideas became the roots for The Blue Flame Project, a leadership initiative that has grown to include seminars, workshops, a comprehensive website (www.theblueflameproject.com) and weekly newsletter, and numerous keynote addresses to audiences in multiple industries.

Using examples from his own work, life, and family, Webb equates leadership to the blue flame that burns at the center of a fire and encourages readers to accept the challenge to become a catalyst for positive change. The book provides a “fueling station” where readers can pull in for an “enthusiasm refill.”

Broken into six sections, the book explores the definition of leadership, how to recognize and focus on the most important aspects of your business, building the right team and the power of clear communication and continuous learning. It closes with a call to enjoy the journey, always remembering that we will be known for what we do along the way, not where we finish.

Webb says, “The amount of information available on the subject of leadership is surpassed only by the difficulty in consistently applying leadership principles in our daily lives.” The book challenges people at all levels, and across multiple industries, to step out of the role of manager and into the shoes of a leader. “Leadership is what happens when you leave a room,” he says, comparing leadership to management and influence to control. “Choosing to lead means making a difference where you are today, without waiting for permission or a title.”

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