CORNELIUS, N.C. – Apr. 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — According to HearPod Hearing Aids millions of Americans who suffer from hearing loss and could benefit from hearing aids don’t wear them. High cost is often cited as the reason. A National Council on the Aging survey showed that 55 percent of surveyed seniors not using hearing aids find cost to be a barrier.

HearPod - (c) Send2PressUntil recently, seniors had little choice. Either pay the high cost of hearing aids at a hearing aid store, or go without. It’s a problem that drove hearing aid expert Randy Wohlers, BC-HIS to offer seniors an innovative solution-high-quality, custom-programmed hearing aids at a huge savings via the website

Wohlers, who is a board certified hearing instrument specialist and the owner of a chain of hearing aid stores, knows well how hearing aid prices have soared in recent years. He says that as the technology of hearing aids has become more sophisticated, hearing aid manufactures have understandably charged more for their products, forcing retailers to do the same. Two years ago he decided there was a better way. “It had just gotten to the point that many people were simply priced out of the market,” says Wohlers. “I knew there was a better way to get people high-quality hearing aids at a price they could afford.”

In 2005, Wohlers launched his HearPod line of hearing aids that offers the same features of leading manufacturers, including the latest noise-reduction, voice-enhancement and 100% digital technology. Customers can choose from both behind the ear or in the canal models that come with custom ear molds as an option.

HearPod customers are first encouraged to see their doctor to ensure they can benefit from hearing aids, to get a hearing test and get the printed results of the test called an audiogram. A customer can then fax or email his audiogram to HearPod so the company can custom program the aid to match the customer’s unique hearing loss, thereby providing maximum hearing benefit.

The completed aids are sent directly to the customer. HearPod offers round the clock customer service via its toll free customer care line. It also answers frequently asked questions about hearing aid use in its online tutorials. All aids come with a one-year warranty and a 45-day money back guarantee. With each purchase, customers receive a one years’ supply of wax guards and batteries. Shipping is free.

Prices for HearPod aids are less than half the cost of comparable hearing aids purchased in a hearing aid store. For example, HearPod’s most technologically sophisticated line of hearing aids, which offers 32 channel technology, open fitting and directional microphones costs under a thousand dollars. People can easily pay more than $2,500 for a comparable hearing aid at a retail store.

Wohlers attributes his low prices to the company’s efficient manufacturing facility in North Carolina and to online distribution, which eliminates the costs that a traditional brick-and-mortar store would have.

To date, HearPod’s customers have ranged from baby boomers looking for their first hearing aid to seniors wanting to replace older technology hearing aids or get more powerful aids to address their progressing hearing loss. “People want the highest quality and latest technology at a big savings and that’s what we provide,” says Wohlers.

The combination has proven successful as HearPod and its website has risen to the top tier of online rankings. Wohlers says that there are other companies offering hearing aids via the Internet, but none offer HearPod’s winning combination-100% digital technology, comfortable fit, full featured noise reduction technology, speech enhancement technology, optional custom ear molds, free wax guards, batteries and shipping, 24 hour customer service.

For more information on HearPod hearing aids, go to or call the company’s toll free customer care line 1-800-851-2414.

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