PALM BAY, Fla. – Apr. 27 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Fictional stories are often inspired by what is seen and heard in the lives of the people that write them. This concept is as true as ever with the new novel, “Kidnapping Jesus” (ISBN 978-1-4243-4381-2), by David B. McQueen and Samuel L. Brodie.

Kidnapping Jesus - (c) Send2PressKidnapping Jesus follows a group of former Marines as they hunt down Al Queda’s network of terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden in the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Realistically portraying the characters in this book was not a challenge for the authors.

“My entire life has been about public service. I’ve been in the military for so long, it’s like my extended family,” explains author David McQueen. Mr. McQueen served with both the Marine Corps and U.S. Army in multiple tours of duty. Mr. McQueen trained with the Army Rangers, performed tank operations at Fort Knox, and participated in parachute jump school at Fort Bragg.

The experiences the military men of all branches of service go through in this book are similar to what Mr. McQueen and Mr. Brodie have experienced throughout their years in the military. Mr. Brodie, Co-Author of “Kidnapping Jesus,” is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel. His assignments included tours of duty with the 2nd Armored Division, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and the 1st Armored Division. He was a Distinguished Instructor at the U.S. Army Military Police School and at the U.S. Air Force Command and Staff College. Mr. Brodie served in the Army for 26 years.

If someone wants an authentic story about the military, the authors can promise them that this book contains actual references to their shared experiences. It is this unique combination of authorship that guides the writing of this action adventure story.

The team of former Marines, with the assistance of the United States government, successfully rounds up Al-Queda militants. Upon their return to the United States, they are approached by a successful private sector businessman for their next mission. Once an agreement is made, the team moves their latest operations to an old military base. The team will embark on a top secret mission that will put their expertise to the ultimate test. The mission involves retrieving the last piece of tangible evidence that Jesus lived, the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth believed to have been used to wrap His body following the crucifixion.

There are many twists and turns in this story. Can the power of technology bring Jesus back to life? If man is worthy, will Jesus return to Earth? Is the power of technology too far reaching for the good of mankind? One must read the book to find out.

Mr. McQueen and Mr. Brodie can be contacted at their website

Contact David McQueen at (321) 266-8583 for more information regarding this book.

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