TULSA, Okla. – May 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Most conventional wisdom would exclude or limit candy in the diet of anyone wanting to lose weight. In his new book, “The Candy Diet – Taming the Hunger Monster” (ISBN 978-1-58736-766-3), author Mark Underwood says that candy does in fact have a place in your diet and can serve as a good-tasting tool for weight reduction. The book is organized into chapters that address the need to understand hunger and how candy can help control the Hunger Monster.

(c) Send2PressIn later chapters, the subjects of science and nutrition are addressed to ease concerns of those who want to argue that candy is an unhealthy “sin.”

Chapter 1, Calories From The Air You Breath, discusses the process of gaining and losing weight. In this chapter the basic function of consuming calories is examined. The role carbohydrates, fats and proteins play in weight loss and weight gain is explored. In Chapter 2, Taming the Hunger Monster, the feeling of hunger is analyzed in detail. The physical and mental effects of hunger are discussed, and the secret of how candy can be used as an effective weapon against the Hunger Monster, while losing weight, is revealed. In Chapter 3, Eating Routines – Three Types of Eaters, three common eating routines are examined that, together, represent the majority of people in the modern world.

Three diet plans are provided, ranging from minimal weight loss to maximum weight loss. Chapter 4, Losing A Few Pounds, outlines a diet using candy to maintain existing weight or lose weight moderately. Chapter 5, More Aggressive Weight Loss, is intended for those who want to lose weight faster and Chapter 6, The Extreme Candy Diet, is for those who want maximum weight loss in as short a time as possible. In Chapter 7, The Candy Diet and Other Diet Plans, it is shown how The Candy Diet can compliment other diet plans by relieving the hunger that you will likely experience when following one of the popular low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, low protein or high-protein diet plan.

Exercise is an integral part of most diets. One concept of The Candy Diet(TM) diet plan is to make it as easy as possible to lose weight. In Chapter 8, Easy Exercise, you will find some recommendations for workouts for those of us who cannot seem to find time to exercise in this busy world in which we live.

The concepts presented in this book are based on medical and biological scientific fact. Chapter 9, The Psychology of Hunger, explores the reasons we get hungry that are not strictly physiological. In Chapter 10, The Science of The Candy Diet, the biological processes that serve as the foundation of The Candy Diet(TM) are revealed. In Chapter 11, Nutrition – Stay Healthy, the nutritional and health considerations of The Candy Diet(TM) are discussed. The Candy Diet(TM) assumes that the food you are currently eating is satisfying your nutritional needs. If this is not the case, tips in this chapter will help keep you healthy while losing weight on The Candy Diet(TM).

Chapter 12, Daily Guide to Weight Loss takes us through the daily routines of the three basic types of eaters. The routines show how the principles in this book can apply to each type of eater. Most modern day working Americans will identify with one of these routines. In Chapter 13, Easy Hard Candy Recipes, you will find several recipes for making hard candy on your own.

For more information, visit the web site www.TheCandyDiet.com.

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