Pharmaceutical Giants Take Aim at Tightening Productivity in Research and Development Using State-of-the Art Business Intelligence Tools

KENILWORTH, N.J. – May 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — 3C Company, Inc. (, a leading provider of Business Performance Optimization (BPO) solutions to the Life Sciences Industry, announced today that it has aligned with yet another Global Pharmaceutical Firm to implement Clintelligence – 3C Company’s Business Intelligence Solution for strategic and tactical oversight of their Research and Development portfolio.

(c) Send2PressThe skyrocketing costs of drug development and the resulting impact on drug prices are well publicized but what is less well known is what the Industry is doing about it. Pharmaceutical firms are taking a closer look at the factors that drive up the cost of doing business in their world. “Our Clintelligence clients rank at the top of the Industry for product Sales and Development pipelines – but as their portfolios expand so too does the complexity of monitoring their R&D efforts. Complexity leads to inefficiencies and inefficiencies lead to costly delays and missteps,” states Karen Briegs, Director of Marketing at 3C Company. “We help these firms bring visibility to areas of the process that are lagging so that they can be corrected, and show them how to also use Clintelligence as a source of historic information to make better decisions moving forward. Firms who strive to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses will win in the end. ”

3Cs clients consider their use of Clintelligence as a competitive edge and are reluctant to give away this knowledge to their competition. In fact, 3C’s Clintelligence recently won an award from Cognos, Inc. for Best Industry Solution for Life Sciences and is the only commercially available Pharmaceutical business intelligence product that provides state-of-the-art reporting and analytics on all of the critical topics across Research and Development (R&D) such as where to locate research centers, how many patients are participating in their studies worldwide, how quickly data is being collected for analysis and most importantly how a firm is performing against its peers. Clintelligence displays these results – often called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs – in the form of easy to use maps, graphs, reports and analytical modules in an interactive, customizable web-portal format.

An IT Director at one of the firms using Clintelligence states, “We’ve been able to get this tool up and running for several hundred users in about 12 weeks, a fraction of what a BI implementation of this size would normally take due to the adaptable structure of Clintelligence and the knowledge 3C has about our Industry.”

“The clients we partner with are growing and shaping the next generation of drug development programs and they recognize the need to provide their people with real-time visibility to status AND performance information if they hope to maintain their edge. Clintelligence provides them with data from many sources in a single interface, bringing this information to business teams in a fashion that is clear and will drive results, ” said Peter Oudheusden, President, 3C Company. “We look forward to continuing to help our clients be successful and see Clintelligence as the way to achieve that success.”

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