LOS ANGELES, Calif. – May 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Georg van Handel (CEO) and Chris Honetschlaeger (President) with BETA Records, LLC, announced today that they will partner with MyStrands to provide personalized music recommendations for their listeners. MyStrands’ behavior-based recommender engine and community building technology will be used to create a customized experience for each individual user of BETA’s upcoming social music community.

(c) Send2PressFor BETA artists, it allows them the chance to get discovered, in a targeted manner, by fans who really appreciate their music out of BETA’s growing MP3-based catalog of independent music from around the world.

Fans will be able to find other fans with similar musical tastes simply based on their unique listening behavior. They’ll also have the option to download an iTunes plug-in that will analyze their library and provide recommended BETA artists within the player. This provides a complete end-to-end solution for unsigned artists to get their music within the critical iTunes + iPod ecosystem.

BETA Records will utilize MyStrands to enhance a highly immersive and engaging music experience that creates close connections between unsigned artists and indie music fans on the new site slated for release later this year. Independent artists can easily upload their music and get exposed to a world-wide audience.

“MyStrands is the perfect partner to provide accurate music recommendations and allow our fans to interact on a much deeper level. I’m extremely impressed with them and excited to incorporate their technology in our upcoming social music community,” said Chris Harper, CXO (Chief Experience Officer) with BETA Records, LLC.

“We are equally excited to partner with BETA Records and help their users and artists discover each other in this ground-breaking grassroots music community,” said Atakan Cetinsoy, Vice President of Business Products with MyStrands.

About BETA Records
BETA Records leverages online techniques, combined with valuable label resources, to discover independent artists and expose them in an upcoming robust social music community of listeners. With localized versions of the site in multiple countries, artists can truly get exposed to a world-wide audience, and fans can have fun listening with their friends and making new ones. For more information, visit www.betarecords.com.

About MyStrands
MyStrands develops behavior-based recommendation technologies to help people discover and organize content, and community-building technologies to help people share tastes, discover content and stay connected with friends. For more information, visit www.mystrands.com/corp.

News issued by: BETA Records, LLC

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