LAS VEGAS, Nev. – May 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — LUMA Entertainment has patented a device – the Slingerzz(TM) – that promises to replicate some of the coolest aspects of a certain wall-crawling, web slinging, crime fighter. Not only does it snare and retrieve objects like the hero’s webbing, but it can be shot up to a distance of 25 feet, securing itself to a chosen target.

Michael Marlin is the genius behind the Slingerzz(TM); the inventor discovered it while playing with a coil in his parked car. The coil struck the steering wheel and wrapped itself around the wheel multiple times, following the curve of the coil.

“That was the ‘Eureka’ moment,” Marlin explained. “It takes seconds to learn how to capture and retrieve a chair, but it takes practice to snare an object in midair or land a target at a distance. This was the inspiration that I needed.”

The Slingerzz(TM) uses no adhesives; it uses the innate properties of a coil that enables it to secure itself around objects. This action adds an edge to this new grappling device and combines the “hook and line” into one simple object.

The Slingerzz(TM) measures only 10 centimeters to 120 centimeters (4 inches to 4 inches) and prototype versions are strong enough to pull items over 80 pounds; street models can easily pull loads of up to 15 pounds.

“With the enduring love of the Slinky(R) coiled toys are nothing new to Americans, but the difference ends there,” Marlin said. “The patented principles behind the Slingerzz, allows the player to interact with their environment by snaring brooms, chair legs, doorknobs, coat hooks, car antennae, tree branches, handlebars, and much, much more! The world is their target.”

The Slingerzz(TM) can be enjoyed as a toy or used as a tool; its application is in the hands of its user. It can be mastered in seconds.

Marlin, a professional juggler/comic since 1977, also discovered a variety of maneuvers akin to the various moves associated with the yo-yo such as: “Double Up,” “Backside Ricochet,” “Walking Leg Trap,” and “Snag and Go.” All of these moves involve lassoing various body parts and objects.

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