HOUSTON, Texas – June 4 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Infrastruct Security, Inc. (www.infrastructsecurity.com) announces that its latest round of financing has pushed the company over the $20 million mark and helped the company meet its initial business goals within its first year of operation.

(c) Send2PressPart of the proceeds from this $3 million second round of financing were used to merge with Dowley Security, based in Oklahoma City. This merger takes Infrastruct Security to a $20 million+ company with offices in Houston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Phoenix, plus a new office opening in Baton Rouge, LA. The Dowley merger also positions Infrastruct for its second major business goal – dominating both the Gulf Coast region and the petrochemical niche.

“Our plan has always been to start dominating Houston, then the region and then a niche and to crest over the $20 million mark,” says Daniel Weiss, CEO & President of Infrastruct Security, Inc. “Now we have the size and the niche. We have met two big goals for the company six months earlier than expected.”

In June, 2006, Infrastruct was formed with the contribution of General Cabling and Security (GCS), founder and CEO Weiss’s second security startup. In the first round of financing, featuring investors Murphree Venture Partners, Stonehendge, Jeminson and Louisiana Fund, GCS merged into a new company, Infrastruct Security. Since that time, Infrastruct has made one major acquisition, Monarch Security in November 2006, and three smaller acquisitions. These pushed the company into the $14 million range and positioned them as one of the dominant players in the region.

Although Infrastruct has grown considerably through its acquisitions, Weiss stresses that the company still generates 70 percent of its revenue from organic sales and recurring revenue. “The Infrastruct Security model is unique: We are an integrator that produces monthly recurring revenue (RMR); we do not live and die for the next big project,” he notes.

Now that the initial goals have been met, the company looks forward to the next phase of development. “Infrastruct Security was started to dominate this region and the petrochemical niche,” Weiss says. “The Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, triangle make up the petrochemical heart of the United States. We are now the most dominant provider in this niche and region. With the passage of the chemical security bills and the development of real enforcement for this niche, Infrastruct Security is at the right place at the right time.”

About Infrastruct Security
From the fence line to the boardroom, Infrastruct Security, Inc. is a leader in providing unique, turnkey security solutions that are specifically designed for both large- and mid-sized commercial and industrial sites. They have the certification to perform vulnerability assessments of chemical facilities as mandated by the 2007 Homeland Security Bill. Infrastruct Security, Inc.’s IS3 process methodology is comprised of IC – Consultation; Is – Systems; and IS – Ongoing Service.

Company website: www.infrastructsecurity.com

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