Dr. Kenneth Kozeka, owner of Kedron Corporation and DermaCross, has discovered an inexpensive way to produce electricity

FAIRVIEW, Tenn. – June 14 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Our dire need for a new source of inexpensive, pollution-free energy to free us from our dependency on foreign oil may have been met by a scientist in Tennessee. A new extremely inexpensive, pollution-free source of electricity has been discovered and is now being considered by major international corporations. This new technology produces electricity without chemical reactions, combustion or pollution.

Mechanical energy generated by the powerful magnetic forces of neodymium magnets (manufactured by Hitachi Corporation) turns electric generators producing electricity.

A volume of neodymium magnets less than the size of a car battery can generate (for decades) more than enough electricity to supply an average household and an amount equivalent to thousands of gallons of gasoline a year.

This source of pollution-free energy can do more than provide inexpensive electricity. It can be used to affordably generate other forms of energy such as hydrogen and to produce pure water from ocean water for drinking and farming.

Dr. Kozeka is now talking to large, international corporations that have the capabilities to manufacture and implement electric generators that use this new technology. Large generators can be used in existing power plants and smaller ones can be placed in individual homes.

“With minor modifications, our gas engine cars can be made to burn hydrogen produced affordably by the inexpensive electricity,” says Kozeka. “This new energy technology can be implemented rapidly and with little change in our current infrastructure and lifestyle.”

This discovery is the real thing: it is not a false claim of any kind. The research findings can be tested easily and inexpensively.

A detailed research report can be obtained by e-mailing a request to admin@kedroncorp.com or visiting www.kedroncorp.com. Corporations and investors interested in this new energy technology should contact Dr. Kozeka at (615) 618-3804.

According to Kozeka, “We wait with great excitement and hope that this new technology, aptly referred to as ‘The Eden Project’ will rapidly achieve its claim and make vast improvements in the quality of life worldwide.”

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