TBILISI, Georgia – June 22 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A new web site, WhoseFan.com, recently launched with a mission to become the premier Internet place for fans of everything and anything to gather and have fun. While there are several categories for fans to choose from, the most active audience is fans of singers, bands, actors, actresses, and sports celebrities. Car fans, writers/authors, and fiction hero fans are also establishing a strong presence.

(c) Send2Press“We designed WhoseFan.com to attract people of all ages and interests,” George Sazandrishvili, founder and creator, explained. “And, it’s unique because it objectively creates ratings; fans make the ratings and the more people use WhoseFan.com, the more accurate the results are. Fans vote for what and who they like; in the future a button will be added for what fans also do not like. WhoseFan.com uses the Web 2.0 approach to enhance this feature.”

At WhoseFan.com, people can network with others who have similar interests on a very specific level. For instance, on other sites, if someone likes rock music they may simply be matched to another rock lover music fan. However, on WhoseFan.com, the music lover can specify they love Mick Jagger and they are matched with another Jagger fan.

While not a dating service, WhoseFan.com does have effective matching capabilities and is ultimately designed to be a fun site. Users can simply support their favorites, express their interests, meet other fans, and exchange ideas and additional links of interest.

Future features will include support to upload media – images, video, and music – and functions that will give access to quick shopping for favorite items. For example, if a fan visits a Rolling Stones page on WhoseFan.com, the page will then provide quick links to CDs. Or, if a fan visits a football player or team’s page, they will be directed to a place to buy merchandise for that team or player.

So, how does it work? Users browse categories or use the search facility to access different “Entities.” An entity is a person, place, or thing – anything that a user is a fan of. Currently, users can vote using WhoseFan.com’s Web 2.0 approach for a particular entity by clicking the “Join as a Fan” button to create the rating; the “wisdom of the crowds” creates the overall ratings.

At an entity page, users can post comments and add relevant/interesting links and view existing postings and links added by other users, as well as view the top fans of that entity.

Fans can acquire their favorite entity signatures/badges to use them in different forums, blogs and web sites. There are two choices: a static one that reads: “I’m a fan of” and includes the image of the entity; and a dynamic one which displays popularity and is referred to as the “FanMeter.”

Fans that use WhoseFan.com as a social network will also enjoy private messages, personal profile functions and much more.

To learn more, visit: www.WhoseFan.com.

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