AUSTIN, Texas – July 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — deverus announced today the launch of their newest sales tools for its customers, the ExpressAccounts – They allow background screening prospects to quickly sign up, place live orders at an initially discounted rate, and track marketing campaign effectiveness. Not only can background check companies more fully demonstrate their capabilities to prospects, they can now better track target prospects and campaign effectiveness! Some examples include:

* Conference and Sales Team Support: Screening companies can load the conference logo and have the verbiage specific to the show, including contact information for specific sales people who worked the show plus allow the prospects to sign up instantly and receive free or discounted searches. Glowing pens are great, but this process gives prospects the ability to actually experience and be impressed with a background check company’s services.

* Alliance Partnership Sales Channels: Screening companies can load up a message and logo of a specific partner they are offering background checks to as part of an alliance program. Then leads from the other company will see the partner’s logo and feel more confident and trusting of the relationship, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

* Direct Marketing/Internet Sales: Postcards, web ads, and special links on a background checking company’s home page can direct prospects to an ExpressAccount campaign where the prospects can quickly sign up, enter their information, and start using the system.

Furthermore, ExpressAccounts offer the following features:

– An easy-to-use, self-customizable signup process that allows background screening prospects to start using services without a lot of hassle

– Flexible pricing, ordering options, ordering limits configurable to match specific target marketing goals

– Tailored marketing messages including specialized verbiage and custom logos to quickly connect with prospects and build trust

– Security processes that require a valid e-mail to get system access, ability to limit search types offered, restrictions for single time use of an e-mail address, automatically expiring promotions to avoid abuse, and order holding once the preliminary number of searches get used up

– Reporting and tracking of prospect usage for follow-up and help in understand what is working for the target markets

“We think deverus clients as well as other background check companies are going to be really impressed when they see how important the new ExpressAccounts tool can be for winning new business,” said Shawn Rucks, deverus’ CEO.

About deverus
Founded in 1998, deverus is the leading provider of software, integration technology, and strategic services for the background check industry. From system-to-system integration, customized and off the shelf enterprise level applications, to sophisticated tools that manage the information supply chain, deverus enables background check companies to dramatically lower operating expenses and increase revenues by connecting to customers, employees, and information sources online, anytime, from anywhere.

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