MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. – Aug. 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — BK Web Commercials, a new Maryland-based company, will offer small- to medium-sized businesses the unique and affordable opportunity to make their company, products, personnel, web site and key messages stand out on the web. The company produces professional, television-style web commercials, web site “walk-on” virtual spokespersons and dynamic, animated web characters for web sites.

(c) SendPressBy offering multiple options in various price ranges, BK Web Commercials will help lead clients into a new age of marketing, sales and customer contact, said owner and founder David Saddler. Saddler believes his company is totally unique in offering a wide range of video-based services, where most companies offer one or limited solutions.

“What everything comes down to is effective and interactive communication. The days of expecting your prospects and customers to read and navigate web sites are nearing their end. Harnessing and combining the time-tested impact of personal, one-to-one interaction with the awesome and evolving reach and speed of the internet, BK Web Commercials clients will be light years ahead of competitors,” said Saddler. “Through our multiple creative options, our clients will reach their customers in a creative, personal and interactive way and most importantly, will be able to effectively manage and perhaps reduce their marketing budgets while increasing impact – and sales. Think of it, when you are asleep or at a ball game, your customers are getting personal attention on your site. “

For its web commercials, walk-on virtual spokespersons and animated characters, BK Web Commercials uses unique, proprietary video players that require no plug-ins or time-wasting downloads, nor do they require customers to manage video on their own web servers. The company provides turnkey service to customers, including script writing, filming and editing, animated character creation and hosting of the web commercials in secure and reliable environments. The animated characters can be either existing characters, where customer choose attributes such as hair color, or they can be animation of real persons. For each product, customers are provided simple lines of html code, allowing implementation flexibility and use within such tools as email, banner ads and listings. The costs are surprisingly affordable, Saddler said.

Saddler said these technologies are allowing a new wave of companies, small businesses especially, to enter the world of video advertising, previously the purview of only large companies with huge budgets. Saddler said, “We are a marketing consulting company. We have researched and licensed the best technologies – technologies that do not care about what computer you have, what your connection speed is and whether you have the latest downloads.”

The data about the effectiveness of web commercials is compelling. A Chamberlain Research study shows companies with web commercials increasing sales and visibility by 83 percent. According to research done by QwestDex media, consumers are 60 percent more likely to complete a transaction online if they see a video. As Saddler pointed out, “With tens of millions of web sites and less than 30 to 60 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, web commercials, virtual spokespersons and interactive, animated characters will make all the difference.”

About BK Web Commercials
Based in Maryland, BK Web Commercials is a marketing company offering clients the affordable opportunity to profitably ride the new wave of web marketing, web commercial, “walk-on” virtual spokespersons and animated web characters. BK Web Commercials will help clients stand out among the growing web site crowd.

Call 301-613-0740 or email today, or visit for examples of effective web commercials.

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