HUDSON, N.H. – Aug. 15 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Opti-Sciences, Inc., home of advanced field-portable fluorescence instrumentation, announced today a new high-end multi-mode pulse modulated chlorophyll fluorometer – the OS-5p. Designed to bring full, lab-based fluorometery testing and analysis to the field, the OS-5p weighs 80 percent less than its predecessor, the OS5-FL, and will operate continuously, when charged, for more than 20 hours.

(c) Send2Press“No longer do researchers have to compromise on the equipment they take out into the field,” Bill Berzins, CEO of Opti-Sciences said. “The OS-5p enables them to perform the most arduous testing right on site.”

Berzins explains that the OS-5p is easy to use and incorporates the most advanced testing currently found in any PAM chlorophyll fluorometer made today.

Additionally, Opti-Sciences ( has also managed to keep the purchase cost down, making it affordable for most budgets.

The OS-5p offers high energy, optically-monitored sources and sensitive, low-noise detection of fluorescence response for stable and accurate measurements. The broad range of user-defined source intensities, amplifier gain, saturation pulses and modulation sample rates provide exceptional control over the test processes.

Included are LED (for power conservation) and Halogen (for high saturation) light sources. Setting up specific tests and parameters is quick and easy using the touch-sensitive input screen and handy cell-phone like keypad.

Popular testing parameters of the OS-5p include: Y: Yield; Fo: non-variable fluorescence; Fm: maximal fluorescence; Fv: variable fluorescence; Fv/Fm: photochemical efficiency of PSII; Fod: depression of the Fo value; Fms: maximal fluorescence-steady state condition; Fs: fluorescence prior to saturation pulse-steady state condition; and more.

The optional PAR clip provides: ETR: electron transport rate; PAR: Photosynthetically Active Region value; and T: leaf temperature.

Applications include: non-invasive study of photosynthesis in plants, crops and algae; it is ideal for teaching and classroom demonstration; rapid test analysis for high throughput/quality control screening; in detecting and monitoring environmental stress; and in plant biology, phytopathology, and agronomy it has limitless areas of use.

Additional computer equipment is not mandatory due to the large built in graphics display screen and convenient MMC/SD storage memory. Ethernet, USB and RS-232 I/O are included for those who wish to download their data for analysis at a later time.

Opti-Sciences, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of research grade, fluorescent-measurement products. These products address fluorometery requirements in agriculture, forestry, agronomy, ecology, genetics and manufacturing inspection.

Located in Hudson, N.H., Opti-Sciences operates from a 15,000 square foot, state-of-the art facility.

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