ASHEVILLE, N.C., May 14 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s no secret that current economic times are challenging. Gas prices continue to soar and healthcare insurance is at an all-time high. Consumer confidence continues to fluctuate and business owners must find ways to retain and grow their current customer base. Vincenzo’s Ristorante and Bistro in Asheville, N.C. has altered its business model to help its customers ride out the storm.

Caption: Vincenzo's Ristorante and BistroVincenzo’s, Asheville’s premier Northern Italian restaurant, cares about meeting its customers’ needs. As a result, they have made menu alterations and also instituted changes to their smoking policy.

Customers can now choose smaller plate items for less money.

“So, go ahead and order that filet mignon; it’s not as much money as you may think,” Dwight Butner, owner of Vincenzo’s, said. “People watching their waistlines also appreciate this new change as half portions of pasta are easily accommodated.”

Additionally, restaurant management also announced that its “warm and friendly” bistro room has changed its smoking policy. Smokers are permitted to light up after 9:30 p.m., but not before.

“The change in the smoking policy came about at the request of our customers,” Butner said. “People who wish to enjoy our live music in the bistro part of the restaurant can now do so, smoke-free, up to 9:30 p.m. We also wanted to accommodate our smokers who enjoy a cigar apres dinner; this was a happy compromise.”

Many restaurants have moved to being completely smoke free, but Butner realizes that people still enjoy a smoke after a good meal.

“We cannot disregard that part of the population,” he added.

Butner hopes that these changes will not only boost consumer confidence, but will also save people money, better their health, and encourage them to continue to enjoy the small pleasures in life.

“In times such as these,” Butner explained, “it’s important to treat ourselves and to take care of ourselves.”

Vincenzo’s prides itself on providing a genuine northern Italian dining experience for its guests. Their menu celebrates the cuisines of Veneto (Venice); Lombardy (Milan); Tuscany (Florence); and the Piedmont (Turin).

Its atmosphere is casual; music is nightly and includes live blues, jazz and standards music, without cover charge.

For more information, visit: – or call: 254-4698.

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