DENVER, Colo., June 11 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — If you want to give yourself the best odds for winning a desirable job, make sure you aggressively compete in all 8 segments of today’s job market. “ITS is best known for providing openings, leads and contacts that will penetrate 85% of a job seeker’s market,” Robert Gerberg added, “but all market segments are avenues to opportunities. Exposure in each of them will give you many more options. With today’s competition, you need to plan on generating a lot of interest in your talents.”

ITS Denver“Employment experts all agree that it is more important than ever to really market yourself. Whether you’re a CEO or a young salesperson, you need to identify your right market and clarify your goals in terms of job titles and industries. Then you need to be ‘packaged’ with superior resumes and letters. Once you have them, you need to be ‘promoted’ wisely and enough to put yourself in the driver’s seat. This means you must be able to access the market… having information at your fingertips about the openings, leads and contacts relating to opportunities right for you. That of course is what ITS makes easy for job seekers, who have their entire job market at their fingertips.”

“Can you get by doing a lot less? You might, and you’ll eventually get a job. But what kind of job?… And for what income? Will it be the right career move?… And how long will it have taken you? These are things you need to seriously consider. The job market today consists of employers who make public their openings… and those who don’t. There are five segments to the published job market and three in the unpublished. We believe in an aggressive philosophy that gets people a lot of interviews. This may sound like a lot, but you have to be realistic about rejections. By developing this level of activity, you increase your chances of having several offers mature at the same time.”

ITS offers Personal Marketing Services that goes far beyond Outplacement Career counseling. ITS uses its own unique technology to give job seekers access to as much as 85% of the advertised openings, including those from newspapers, recruiter openings, job boards, employer sites, and trade magazines. It also provides access to the unadvertised job market among employers, recruiters and growth companies.

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