WHIPPANY, N.J. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Poly-Gel Inc., along with its consulting and business development partner, Salesreach LLC, announces the launch of HealixTecc: Engineered Orthotics for Professionals. The HealixTecc line consists of a collection of four lightweight, breathable foot beds, shock absorbing heel cups and wedges, adhesive gel sheeting, and all-gel toe and finger caps. These products improve comfort, enhance work performance, and help in decreasing work related injuries.

HealixTecc line of four lightweight, breathable foot bedsHealixTecc foot beds feature a combination of supportive shells with a high quality SilverTecc(TM) top cover. The foot beds vary in support from minimal to maximum. As an added benefit, the foot bed’s top cover is anti-odor, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal and consists of nano-silver fibers that are extremely durable.

HealixTecc foot beds are manufactured from a patented breathable vented EVA material. The ventilated design of the foot bed wicks moisture away from the foot, keeping the foot cool. Additional benefits of the foot bed design are: the foot bed is lightweight, is exceptional in absorbing shock and shear forces, and is very comfortable. A brief overview of the different products is mentioned below.

ControlTecc(TM) offers the most heel control and arch support with its specialized peg design. Daily Living(TM) provides medium arch and heel support through its ThermoM arch shell. Soft Shell(TM) contains a gel heel plug that provides maximum cushioning and shock absorption from the heel to the arch. LightTecc(TM) is the lightest of all the shells and provides excellent comfort and cushioning.

The Heel Cups and Heel Wedges are manufactured of a very soft, yet durable, shock absorbing medical grade silicone gel. Both the Heel Cups and Heel Wedges absorb shock, pressure and impact. The M-Gel All Gel Toe and Finger Caps protect and cushion either injured or sore toes or fingers. M-Gel All Gel Toe and Finger Caps are manufactured with medical grade mineral oil and vitamin E. The self-adhesive silicone gel sheeting with an anti-microbial top cover is intended to protect areas of the body (feet or hands) susceptible to either constant friction or pressure.

Tom Hauert, managing principal of Salesreach LLC, says “We see that many of the markets that we serve including, law enforcement, fire, military, safety, commercial and industrial are ready and in need of engineered orthotics. These products will greatly improve the comfort and safety of those who wear work boots, work shoes, or are primarily on their feet for extended periods of time. We are proud to offer such an extensive line of quality products for these markets that far exceeds those of the competition.”

For more information, including a catalog and a complimentary sample, please contact Hal Mordkoff at 1-866-438-2297 x29 or by email at hal@gelconcepts.com or visit our website at www.healixtecc.com. To become a distributor or retailer of HealixTecc, please contact Tom Hauert at (847) 241-5150 or via e-mail at tom@salesreach.com. Correspondence by mail may be sent to: Poly-Gel, 30 Leslie Court, Whippany, NJ 07981.

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