LOS ANGELES, Calif., Sept. 30 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — MadeinUSAForever.com, an e-commerce site that sells products made only in America, announces that they continue to grow their business in spite of the Wall Street chaos proving that people are re-focusing their energies on Main Street. “There is hope,” Todd Lipscomb, president and founder of MadeinUSAForever says. “One area that is paramount to America’s turnaround is showing strength despite the current grim economic news.”

MadeinUSAForeverMadeinUSAForever, from the second to the third quarter of 2008, realized a revenue increase in excess of 40 percent, proving that people are buying American to assist in the betterment of the country’s economy.

Buying American can be difficult at box stores; many items are imported. And, while the cost may be attractive to buyers, are they really getting value? And, are they contributing to an overall sustainable environment?

Buying USA-made items means keeping neighbors employed. It also means quality. Many of the products sold on the MadeinUSAForever web site come with 10-year guarantees, lasting much longer than cheaper counterparts.

Product safety is also a concern. For example, out of the 83 million toys recalled last year, no U.S. made toy was on the list. USA products are also greener because American manufacturers follow safe environmental practices, unlike products made in China. Plus, pollution is very high from shipping cargo containers.

Clients are passionate about what Lipscomb is doing. They view this e-commerce site not just as a pro-American site, but as a place where they can make a difference and help to dig their way out of a negative economic situation. They are not just buying a product — they are taking control and working to do something good for the whole and for future generations.

Lipscomb has spent over 10 years in the high-tech industry, including one of the nation’s leading, computer-component manufacturers. He authored “Achieving Prosperity: An Ethical Guide to Building Wealth,” and, having worked abroad in Asia, knows firsthand the challenges America is facing.

The chaos reflected in today’s marketplace is a sign that it is time for Americans to take their economy back and to keep more money at home, even if it costs more.

As one client stated, “The real value is America; it’s our future.”

To find cool products made in the USA and to discover the top 10 reasons to buy American, visit: www.MadeinUSAForever.com.

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