OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Nov. 10 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — JAF Industries, creator of the E-Cap designed to protect exposed PVC pipes in the home, announces the release of a new online game that educates homeowners about the perils of nature and allows them to combat these issues through its new video game – Homeowners’ Revenge.

homeowners revenge gameThe online game followed in the footsteps of a successful animated video that was also designed to educate homeowners about how exposed PVC pipes can lead to expensive repairs.

“This new, interactive video game is designed to give tormented homeowners a creative outlet while educating them and encouraging them to have a good time,” Kenneth J. Brown, president of JAF Industries, explains.

Brown conceptualized the online game after the release of the video was so well received.

One customer tried the video game and said, “You have created a great complement to your product with Home Owners’ Revenge. It is not only a way to educate potential buyers on the E-Cap, but it also gives homeowners a chance to understand and eliminate pesky hazards; the game can be addictive.”

Homeowners’ Revenge is set in Sunnytowne, USA. It tests speed and hand-eye coordination and gives homeowners virtual revenge. There are three proficiency levels: easy, hard and insane. If the player misses a falling leaf or bird, he is penalized and the Plum-O-Medic delivers the bill.

The video game demonstrates to homeowners how their homes may be at risk. Since the 1980s, many homes have been built with at least three PVC plumbing or furnace vent pipes on their rooftops. These vents are exposed to the elements, but they are necessary to safely release harmful gases and exhaust from the furnace and sewer lines.

Squirrels, birds, and other small animals may drop in nesting materials, nuts, or other debris through the open PVC top. Wind and rain may also deliver unwanted raindrops and leaves into the home’s pipelines. Once debris gets into the pipes, a plumber or HVAC contractor is often needed. This can be costly and inconvenient.

The E-Cap is perfect for heating, plumbing and radon vents. It does not restrict airflow, easily installs in minutes, and is less than $10.

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