LOS ANGELES, Calif., Dec. 16 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Major papers are saying that there is no competition for Villaraigosa’s mayoral job. Especially considering that he is sitting on a huge financial war chest. Will that fact and the fact he is planning to run for Governor while not having accomplished much hinder him? Pastor Rubin says, “Yes” and looks for Ventura style victory.

Pastor Craig X Rubin (CraigX4Mayor.org) is the only candidate running with national name recognition, having appeared on Showtime’s “Weeds” and a search of his name on IMDB.com reveals that he is a modern day one man “Cheech and Chong,” having appeared in four projects that won High Times Magazine “Stony Awards.” He recently made national news by losing his appeal for running the controversial “Temple 420” on Hollywood Blvd. The temple burned marijuana as an incense at their Friday night candle lighting service.

The City of Los Angeles spent millions of taxpayer dollars to prosecute Pastor Rubin. The Pastor lost his case, but appealed the loss claiming that he was not given a fair trial because he was not allowed to mention medical marijuana, the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment, CA State Constitution, U.S. Code Title 42 Chapter 21 (RFRA) nor quote from the Holy Bible. Rubin also feels that two lawyers who approached and consulted him on his defense were actually working for the government and that is why he ended up defending himself in court.

Attorney Michael Levin of the Law offices of Bruce Margolin commented during trial that Pastor Rubin was doing a remarkable job of defending himself considering the fact that he wasn’t an attorney. Rubin who was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison has yet to serve one day since the judge let him stay out while on appeal. Then in a surprise decision a new judge in the same court room granted Pastor Rubin the “right to own and operate a marijuana facility (club).” This was verified in court minutes dated May 15th 2008.

One has to wonder, could this be the perfect storm for a pro-marijuana candidate for a major office? That is certainly what the Pastor is praying for. There is a need to create jobs and legalizing marijuana would certainly do that. With Blagojevich’s recent arrest it is hard for those who follow Los Angeles politics not to notice how many of the mayor’s major contributors are ending up with City of Los Angeles contracts and tax breaks.

Mayoral candidate Craig X Rubin stated as fact that ending prohibition will create two million jobs in 2009. It can replace the dying auto industry. In fact, candidate Rubin is quick to point out that cars can actually be made from marijuana that are stronger that steel and run on hemp fuel, a type of gasoline made from marijuana. Currently country music star Willie Nelson has a chain of fuel stations selling gasoline made from hemp.

“We did some polling at local events,” said candidate Rubin, “and while most people don’t know I am running they know my name and that is a start. Bill Handle of KFI 640AM stated he liked my English First stance even though I speak Spanish too. I just think our city needs to be united by a common language, English. Also, you should not have to push anything to hear English when calling the city.”

It is the campaign’s goal to raise money from across the country from people who want to see a change in marijuana laws. Any U.S. citizen is allowed to contribute to the campaign and by raising one dollar from each pro-marijuana person in America Rubin hopes to gain enough support to take on the current mayor. Rubin’s fund raising efforts are being done over the web via his web site: www.CraigX4Mayor.org where people from across the country can donate to the cause.

“If half of the twenty million regular Americans who have expressed their disdain for the current marijuana prohibition give the campaign one dollar each then we’ll have the resources needed to beat Mayor Villaraigosa,” Rubin says, “This will send a message.”

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Craig X Rubin

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