LOS ANGELES, Calif., Feb. 9 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The pro-medical marijuana candidate said, “While the DEA is raiding local marijuana facilities against the wishes of President Barack Obama our mayor says nothing. When I am Mayor I’ll protect patients and clubs.” L.A.’s current mayor has ducked debating candidate Craig X Rubin who is challenging him for another term as leader of the City of Angels.

The number one question on the President’s “Change.gov,” web site was whether or not the President was going to tax and regulate marijuana. The same plant that is non-toxic and has never killed anyone in recorded history. People who supported Mr. Obama are expecting him, an admitted past user of both cocaine and marijuana, to do something about the Drug War, which he has called an utter failure. While the raids went on patients chanted, “Save us Obama.”

The DEA run Drug War in reality is a ‘War on Marijuana’ as 85 percent of all drug arrests are marijuana arrests, thus, 85 percent of all related cost to the state is for marijuana eradication, suppression and incarceration. When the DEA raided the medical marijuana clubs in the last week the current mayor said nothing. Candidate Rubin says, “As mayor I’ll kick the DEA out of L.A. if they don’t leave medical marijuana clubs alone.”

President Obama stated prior to being elected that, “I would not have the Justice Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana clubs. It’s not a good use of our resources.” The DEA has gotten away from their mandate of going after the world’s most dangerous drug dealers. The DEA have acted as criminals in the minds of some Californians. Raided clubs lose medicine, money, computer hard drives are smashed on sight, security equipment is destroyed and no one arrested.

No one understands why they would smash hard drives and destroy security equipment better than Craig X Rubin candidate for L.A.’s mayor’s office. “Yes,” says the candidate, “The prosecutor, Bob Chen, had said the video of our raid didn’t exist, but we recovered it from our hard drive months after the arrest and I think it is what kept me from going to jail. I was not allowed to show the jury the video as evidence, but the court knew it was there.”

The DEA has a financial interest in seeing that medical marijuana fails in California. The fact is that it is quite easy to get a doctor’s note that allows you to possess and smoke marijuana in the state of California and especially Los Angeles where the DEA has said there are more medical marijuana clubs than there are Starbucks. Candidate for mayor, Craig Rubin is quick to agree and point out that at each one of those clubs has employees who may have lost their jobs from Starbucks or one of the many other companies having layoffs.

Los Angeles City is gladly collecting sales taxes, employee taxes, income taxes and who knows what other revenue from medical marijuana clubs and yet the mayor is silent when it comes to protecting citizens who are medical marijuana patients or club owners. The City’s Los Angeles Convention Center will be hosting a THC event that could feature tons of marijuana and marijuana products. The Convention Center’s web site says the event will be held in mid-June. The event coordinators promise on their web site to be the world’s largest cannabis expo featuring the creator of “Master Kush” a popular marijuana strain sold at local cannabis clubs. This event will be open to the public, so that even children can see marijuana is just a plant. No smoking at the event.

Candidate Craig Rubin who played the owner of the medical marijuana club on the first season of Showtime’s “Weeds” and hosted a cannabis expo in season two of “Weeds” plans on attending Los Angeles marijuana expo as mayor of the city. I think the jobs that the cannabis industry can bring to L.A. are amazing and unlimited in scope. The famous car maker Lotus plans on releasing a high end car made with hemp similar to Henry Ford’s hemp car that was ten times stronger than steel and ran on marijuana gasoline like Willie Nelson sells at his Willie Gas filling stations.

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