LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 2 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With ten candidates running for mayor Tuesday March 3rd in this year’s election — and most people thinking the mayor is sure to win again — one candidate, Pastor Craig X Rubin, is predicting a big upset and he explains why. “We are the only campaign with a positive base of support. The lying mayor is running on safety (the city isn’t safer) and my best opponent is running on an anti-Latino campaign in the largest Latino city in the world, outside of Mexico City.”

Pastor Rubin is as multi-cultural as L.A. itself, speaking fluent Spanish. He was born in East L.A., grew up on the Westside, and now lives in the San Fernando Valley. He is running for the officer of mayor in the City of Los Angeles and he is asking for your vote by passing out handmade fliers with his wife and children on the weekends. His life and career reflect the city. He is a UCLA graduate who was raised Jewish, but now pastors at a Christian church where he teaches, “The Jewish History of the New Testament.” He has started a chain of stores and owned a manufacturing business. With his Philippine wife speaking fluent Tagalog along with their seven children, he is a “one man United Nations.”

It has been a long campaign and only in the last few weeks has the attention finally turned to this year’s race; not all of it on the issues. After what seemed like a four year Presidential campaign, many people in the City of Angels were burnt out on politics; but the mayoral election has stimulated some heated debate in recent weeks. Heated shouting matches breaking out at community meetings between anti-and pro-immigration forces with Moore and Jennerjahn supporting deportation for all “illegal aliens,” and Carlos Alvarez campaigning for a taco stand on every corner for “undocumented workers.”

The popular blog notesfromla.com noted, “Craig X Rubin was the surprise performer – his sureness and pragmatism earned my confidence.” It is his opinion that immigration is not the job of a local mayor, but that the City of Los Angeles should be promoting “English First.”

Rubin has attended every debate and community forum and not once has the current mayor shown up. The current mayor has the difficult task of flying around the world as he prepares a run for Governor of California and Mayor of Los Angeles simultaneously. The pastor has often commented that Tony V. is thought of a giant in politics just like Goliath of the Bible, but that he will be defeated by the same power that slew the giant.

The mayor is saying to the so-called minor candidates, “What am I, a dog that you come at me with Twitter, Facebook and Myspace?” and Rubin is saying, “I have defeated government officials before when I started my own store and they arrested me for calling a water pipe a ‘bong,’ they may have shut my church, but the Deputy District Attorney who seized my assets is now attending the church where I work as a pastor under Bishop Donnie Williams. God works in strange ways.”

The Pastor has been running a positive campaign that focuses on bringing jobs to Southern California. He has plans to desalinize the water and wants to tax and regulate marijuana clubs. Even LAPD officers support his idea of ending the federal consent decree.

This past Sunday the Bishop spoke at church regarding his running for mayor. “A lot of people have been coming up to me and asking who they should vote for.” He continued with his deep and commanding voice, having been a 25-year veteran of the police force, “As Bishop I am not going to tell you who to vote for. That would not be right. I can tell you as a private citizen that I am going to be voting for Pastor Craig Rubin; not just because he is a pastor of this church, but because he is a good man and I can trust him to do a great job in the City of Angels.”

More information about Craig X Rubin for Mayor: www.CraigX4Mayor.org.

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Craig X Rubin for Mayor

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