A Cleaning Card Designed for the Airline Industry

AUBURN, Maine, June 1 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Airline Industry spends millions in locating and delivering misplaced luggage to their patrons. VidTroniX is now offering a solution that will cost a fraction of what the airlines are currently spending. Two new cleaning cards for the VidTroniX ATP Series and MAP Thermal Printers used to print bag tags and boarding passes are being launched today through KICTeam, the world leader in the manufacture of cleaning cards.

“Our printers are the staple printer in airports around the globe when it comes to printing boarding passes and bag tags,” said Stan Peterson, owner of VidTroniX. “It is essential that the clarity of the printed material produced from our printers is maintained to peak performance. The new Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards have been designed to clean our printers better then any product available and do it quickly as well.”

Designed for the ATP, ATP1, ATP2, ATP3, and MAP Printers, these cleaning cards, featuring a Waffletechnology™ pattern, has unparalleled cleaning power. When used as a maintenance product, the cleaning cards keep the print crisp and clear for all the scans that occur until the bag reaches its owner or final destination. These cleaning cards will also enhancing print head life, printer reliability and overall performance.

“The regular cleaning of the thermal print head makes a huge difference in print quality. Removing paper dust, adhesive residue, and airborne contaminates will keep barcodes crisp and dramatically reduce scan errors on the receiving end, as well as reducing print head replacement cost,” said Debra Ross, product manager KICTeam. “We have developed two cleaning cards based on VidTroniX requirements. Now regardless if you are printing a boarding pass or a bag tag, there is a product that will keep the print head clean when used as directed. An expensive major change in baggage handling equipment becomes overkill in light of this inexpensive yet effective cleaning card maintenance product. I do a lot of flying so it’s nice to be able to take a little worry out of doing so. This project with VidTroniX has done just that.”

About VidTroniX, LLC

VidTroniX has been associated with the airline industry since 1972. We are a skilled leader in product design, manufacturing, direct sales, parts supply and maintenance of Baggage Tag/Boarding Pass/ATB1/ATB2/, Gate Readers/BGR/, Custom Kiosk, and many other specialty product printers that utilize direct thermal print technology. VidTroniX specializes in every aspect of these products; from original design, to field installation and beyond. To date VidTroniX has 60,000 printers installed in locations throughout the world. For more information, please visit www.vidtronix.com.

About KICTeam, Inc.

KICTeam is the world leader in the development and manufacture of cleaning cards including Waffletechnology™ based (patent pending) products. Our growth in the last 20 years is driven by the close cooperation with OEM’s in the development of proprietary cleaning solutions. Our headquarters are in Auburn, Maine, with a worldwide presence through strategic partners. For more information, please visit www.kicteam.com or www.cleaningcards.com.

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