ORLANDO, Fla., July 24 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Scubys.com is the most unique visual advertiser on the Web. Clients set their price and visitors to the site can quickly locate a business, service or product with the simple click of a mouse. What makes the site truly unique is its beautiful images and mapping. Users can literally cruise America with their favorite Internet-connected device.

Scubys visual advertisingVisitors to the site are greeted with a map of the U.S. where each state contains appropriate photos to represent it. For instance, sweeping views of the Grand Canyon lure visitors into Arizona; Florida beckons through its blazing sunsets; and California invites people to the shores of the Pacific coast.

“The site was built and designed in house,” R.J. Miller, president of The Scuby Group, Inc., says. “It was not only designed to be eye candy, but also to be easy-to-use, practical and functional – all at lightning speed.”

Advertisers create stunning ads in minutes, and can have them up on the Web that same day. And, with so many designs to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of visual ad that an advertiser can create. Scubys.com does the work so their clients don’t have to.

The site is family oriented and offers more than 300 categories in every city across the country. Currently, more than five million businesses are listed. Updates are automatic so advertisers can rest assured their contact information is up-to-date.

Advertising can be delivered in various forms to include coupons, open house announcements, video link, display sales, and more.

People who list their properties and businesses on Scubys.com can design a portfolio of ads that clearly highlights and showcases their attributes within a beautifully-creative structure.

Miller adds that the Web site provides the perfect venue for people who wish to advertise real estate and services in remote or rural areas of the country.

One site user reported that he had no idea a particular service that he needed was just around the corner until he visited www.Scubys.com.

Scubys.com is truly the new face of visual advertising on the Web. It allows people to discover their neighborhood and to discover what’s right in their own backyard. Its purpose is two-fold: an easy-to-use resource; and a powerful advertising tool.

So, to take a tour of America, or to find out what is waiting just around the corner, visit: www.Scubys.com.

News issued by: The Scuby Group, Inc.

The Scuby Group, Inc.

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